Top 10 tips for the perfect Christmas proposal

21 Nov 2016

If you're popping the question over the festive period, take a look at this invaluable advice

A Christmas proposal is always a wonderful occasion (and cause for extra celebration), however planning the perfect proposal at this time of year can be so overwhelming - and expensive - that the end result is never how it was intended to be. The team behind new app, AsQ - a new app designed to make light work of sourcing trades people and services, are offering their advice on how to make sure a festive proposal goes down in history.

According to a survey by, Christmas Eve is the most romantic day of the year, and the most popular day for men to propose. In fact, 24% of men will choose to pop the question on Christmas Eve this year.

Imran Arif co-director at AsQ said: "Trying to find a way of saying those four little words can seem like one of the most difficult tasks in the world. The pressures of getting it right at this time of year adds no end of extra stress too. No matter how well you think you have planned it, you probably missed something." Here are Imran and Irfan Arif's top 10 tips for the perfect proposal:

1. Don't blow the budget

First and foremost, it's really important to be realistic about your budget for a proposal. At Christmas time, costs can creep up on you. It's more than likely that the ring has already cost a lot of money - don't add too much to the top of that cost if you can't afford it.

2. What would your partner want

Another thing that we think is equally as important, if not most important, is to check your partner's boundaries. Would they be happy with an extravagant public proposal? Be careful not to spend all of your budget on a public proposal if you know that they will be standing, with you on one knee, cringing at the thought of all of those eyes on them. You don't want to be known as the one who ruined Christmas.

3. Ask their nearest and dearest

Get some tips from their family, or close friends. They may have discussed their perfect proposal with them in the past.

4. Location, location

Choose a location that has a meaning for the two of you. This could be somewhere you met, had your first date, or even your favourite walking spot. At this time of year, think about the practicality of wet weather, or even snow.

5. Have a speech prepared

Keep it concise and speak from the heart. Having it on a nice piece of paper or a sweet little card will make it easier for you, and will help to prevent you stumbling over your words. As an extra little bonus, you can frame the speech and give it as a little wedding present the morning of your wedding.

6. Picture perfect

Capture your special moment by hiring a professional, discreet photographer. You will want to look back at this day with pride.

7. Invite family and friends

If you are looking at a public proposal, ensure that family and friends are there to share the moment with you. They could even get involved in a flash-mob - you just need some simple choreography.

8. Say it with flowers

You can never go wrong with flowers. Arrange a florist to decorate your proposal spot in advance. Bonus points for remembering their favourite flowers.

9. Face the parents

Don't forget to ask for their parents' blessings. It seems a little clichéd, but it shows that you have gone the extra mile.

10. Add the personal touch

Make the moment a reflection of your relationship with personal touches that will mean a lot. Your favourite song as a couple played in the background, shared memories recounted or anecdotes and quotes that ring true will ensure the proposal is extra memorable.

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