Tips for planning a wedding in spring

22 Feb 2013

Tips for planning a wedding in spring

Julia Dowling, Managing Director of Snapdragon Parties, shares her Spring Wedding Tips with our brides-to-be

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Things to consider if your planning your dream day in spring



Spring is in a league of its own when it comes to the mercurial nature of British weather. So be prepared and choose a versatile dress! Visions of glorious sunshine may be borne out but it’s much safer to plan for April showers, blustery winds and a frosty morning.



If the winter winds are still around, think of elegant ways to keep your guests warm and comfortable; pashminas, cashmere rugs and even gloves in church pews! This isn’t just practical; it’s a personal touch which shows real care. As long as young children are kept at bay, open braziers of coals don’t only look wonderful, they are perfect for warming hands and feet.



Spring showers are an ever-present threat, but it shouldn’t be seen as the great leveller. You have to engage and work with whatever is happening on the day, even if this means collecting a staggering array of wellies and brollies (carefully colour coordinated, naturally!). The ladies will also appreciate you saving their shoes by putting matting down to create a walkway over any grass.



Spring is the season for flowers: yellow and pink peonies, sweet-peas, daffodils, daisies, tulips and ranunculus are stunning and relatively inexpensive. Freshly cut and simply arranged, let the beauty of the flowers speak for itself.



Although spring conjures up images of pastel shades, some people want something a little more striking. An easy way to achieve this without substituting beauty for impact is to reign in the number and mixture of spring colours you use. Choose one main colour (it could be a strong, vibrant yellow, for example) and then pick one complimentary spring colour to soften the tone.



Since Spring is a time of renewal and life, why not incorporate this idea into your table centrepieces. Living arrangements, or even entire living table tops; moss covered, with living blooms and small blossoming trees will amaze your guests. Alongside the living flowers, you can add small edible pieces such as delicately crafted sugar flowers.



As soon as you know where your wedding will be, identify any features that could add to the overall look and feel you want to create. For example, a good florist can turn an old pergola into a magical arch of roses quite easily. Similarly a well-placed marquee or screen can hide a feature which might otherwise detract from your overall vision!


With a bit of imagination you can make your guest book much more engaging than just ‘another’ book. For example, create a ‘cherry blossom guest book’ by asking your guests to write a little note on a delicately cut piece of card which can be tied to a beautiful blossoming tree with silk ribbons. The cards can then be collected and carefully arranged in a book later on.



Spring heralds an abundance of beautiful fresh food. Rhubarb and pink champagne is a match made in heaven and allows your food to fit in with a delicate colour scheme. Marinated spring lamb, the first peas, young broad beans, carrots and asparagus promise a break from the heaviness of winter food. Whatever you do, make it seasonal, local and as fresh as possible!



Often overlooked, name cards can be a good way to decorate your tables. Why not create individual cut cards in the shape of flowers and butterflies held in a delicate frame or hanging from near invisible threads, floating above the tables? It’s all about entertaining your guests and giving them little touches that they’ve never seen before.


Planning your wedding in spring? Then send us your top tips too.


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