5 Tips for a Cheaper Wedding Cake

10 Feb 2015

5 Tips for a Cheaper Wedding Cake

So you’re planning your wedding and its all adding up, are you looking for a way to cut costs? Here’s 5 tips compiled by Day Dreaming Wedding Blog to having a cheaper wedding cake for the same quality!

Bakers for weddings have a tough job. With no room for mistakes, the time it consumes, the costly materials and the high expectations from the wedding party. It makes sense that a wedding cake will cost more than your normal birthday cake.

If you’re not prioritising the wedding cake in your budget, you may not have as much money to spend on your cake as you would prefer. So without further ado, here’s 5 tips to having a good quality cake on a budget.


TIP 1 – Get Baking Yourself!

Baking the cake yourself is a sure fire way of saving money. Are you fairly good in the kitchen? Then there’s no reason you won’t be able to create something special. The BBC Good Food website has some great ideas and recipes for you to try out.

However, make sure to take into account all the costs involved. Will you have to buy all the cake tins and tools to bake it? Would you feel the need to do more than one practice run? This could effect your potential cost savings if so.

You also need to consider the timescales and logistics involved. Will you have time to bake, fill and decorate the cake? How long will the cake and filling last before going off? Do you have room to refrigerate it? How will you transport it? Where will you put it together? These questions are crucial to answer to ensure you don’t create a huge amount of stress just to save a couple of hundred quid.

TIP 2 – Call in a Favour

If you already know a baking pro then why not call in a favour and ask them to make you a cake! You could ask for it as a wedding gift or there is always the famous mates-rates option!  

Even if you provided the ingredients, it would still be a mega saving.


TIP 3 – Help from the Supermarkets

Supermarkets sell plain iced sponge and fruit celebration cakes in various sizes, which can be personalised with your own decoration to create a fancy wedding cake. Given how inexpensive they are you could easily buy the smallest tiers for a tasting, to ensure you’re happy with the quality. Marks and Spencer is a good option for this. A four tier plain white iced sponge cake would cost less than £100.

One downside to this option is that the cakes are not particularly big and do create a ‘flatter’ cake than one which is provided by a professional baker. Though this could be easily fixed with the right cake stand – ones with pillars and dividers will help give the cake height.


TIP 4 – Fake it

Whilst many people would never even think of it, a very cost effective option is to have a beautifully decorated polystyrene dummy cake just for photographs. With deserts and the trend for sweet carts your guests will have enough to keep them happy.

You could have some delicious but inexpensive cutting cakes in the kitchen that can be served to guests who’d never know it wasn’t the fabulous cake they’d seen you ‘cutting’. You can buy very inexpensive fake cake tiers online and you could try out several different designs before resting on the perfect one!


TIP 5 – No Dessert

Is the cake too important to you? Then maybe look at cutting out desert instead. A perfect example would be choosing a 2 course starter and main course menu and then having your showstopper cake served as dessert. Cutting a course off the menu would likely make up for the cost of the expensive cake!



 Article courtesy of Day Dreaming Wedding Blog!

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