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Thrill your guests

23 Jan 2012

Thrill your guests

Add the personal touch

One of the great ways to personalise your wedding is to give your guests something truly out of the ordinary and even stationary can play a part.

Reviving an old tradition, taking part of the ceremony from another culture or just expressing an idea that both of you have fallen in love with can all go towards making that special day even more memorable for both you and your friends and family.

Personalised invitations and table decorations can be made into a major part of the whole experience for guests.

A Unity Candle is increasing in popularity in the UK. If lighting a Unity Candle is part of your ceremony, give each guest a candle at the entrance of the ceremony - or if done at the reception, have one at each place setting.

Have the guests light their candle from the Unity Candle after the bride and groom, this gives them the reason they are at your wedding, because they have been a part of your lives and are a part of each of you, this ceremony further bonds them to you both.

There are also alternatives to the traditional guest book such as passing around a blank journal book, ask the guest to write their own memory of the bride and or groom.

Or instead of the traditional guest book, have a framed canvas for your guest to sign. This is something you can hang in your home together as a unique memory of your wedding

Another thought is have a friend of family member at the door with an instant camera. Take photos of each guest as they enter, and have them sign the photo. That way you really get to see everyone of your guests.

There is an alternative to tossing the bouquet to the single girls. This is great if everyone you know is married, or if you are doing a vow-renewal, or if you would like to honour those who have been married the longest.

Gather all the married couples to dance. Eliminate those married less than five years, then less than 10 years. Then so on until you have a couple still dancing who was married the longest. They are presented with the bouquet.

If early morning, or late-evening carrying lanterns or candles is beautiful, make sure that this is ok with the location to do this as some location have restrictions on such things. Be care of the use of ribbons or flowers around open flames, might want to just keep them plain.

A potted plant as a centrepiece is much less expensive than a bouquet and it is also able to be enjoyed much longer. Or give a small seedling of a tree to each guest and have them plant this on their property of the property of a friend or family member to remember you both as the years pass.

Or how about using the surroundings you have, maybe an oudoor reception on a beach?

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