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Thrice as nice

21 Jun 2011

Thrice as nice

Why limit yourself to a last “night” of freedom when you can stretch out the celebrations with a triple hen do. It’s the latest thing for brides-to-be, says Sophie Stainthorpe.

Apparently, I am totally out of the loop when it comes to hen dos. After spending countless hours organising my not-so “big fat” but very “Greek” wedding – there were only 12 of us on the big day and it took place by the beach on the Greek island of Zakynthos – I had completely overlooked planning my hen do.

It was something I started thinking about at the right time, but kept pushing back as the wedding took over. In the end, after several texts and emails from friends enquiring when my “last night of freedom” was to take place, I decided to keep it very simple and invite everyone around to my house for an afternoon barbecue and cocktails, before heading into Norwich to continue the party into the night.

The reason I am out of the loop isn’t because of the lack of male strippers or

L-plates, but

because I only had one celebration.

The new trend for triple hen dos is taking over, and there are many different formats.

The idea, in principle, is a good one. Everyone has different takes on what makes a good night out and although it’s supposed to be all about what the bride-to-be wants to do, it’s not surprising that many don’t want to subject their future mother-in-law to a pole dancing lesson, for example.

There’s also the cost aspect, and in the current economic climate it’s not pc to assume everyone can afford a long weekend somewhere hot.

The answer; have different celebrations catered to the people you want to invite.

The way you divide it up is down to you. One option is to have a long weekend away, followed by a meal and night out locally with everyone who couldn’t afford the former, then a pampering day at a beauty spa with close friends and mum.

Spreading the celebrations out also means you don’t have to jam all your excitement into one booze-fuelled night. But remember, three celebrations means three lots of organising, so make sure your bridesmaids pull their weight!

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