The Weird and Wonderful World of Wedding Transport

21 Jul 2011

The Weird and Wonderful World of Wedding Transport

There is now more choice than ever when it comes to travelling around on your wedding day.

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It used to be all about getting to the church on time. The wedding car, usually a shiny but unexciting grey number, would pick you up and drop you at your destination. Job done.

But now it seems wedding transport is becoming less about getting from A to B and more about wowing your guests.

A brief bout of internet research results in endless pages of vintage, convertibles, camper vans, VW Beetles, Hummers, double-decker buses, helicopters and pedal-powered rickshaws.

Yes, that’s right, you can now arrive at your wedding in a pedal-powered rickshaw or, if you’re feeling a bit sorry for the fella up front, a motorised version known as a tuk-tuk.

‘Rickshaws are fine for shorter distances, but tuk-tuks are good to go anywhere,’ says Steven Owen, who runs Thai the Knot with his dad Dennis. ‘Obviously we prefer the tuk-tuks because they’re easier on the legs.’

You can fit two snugly in the back of a tuk-tuk, but be prepared to draw a bit of crowd.

‘I was recently doing a promotional job outside Salford Town Hall and we had couples who had just got married flocking around asking if they could have their picture taken in the tuk-tuk,’ he says. But, if a tuk-tuk made for two sounds a bit dinky for your big day, why not go to the opposite extreme and opt for a full-size double-decker bus instead?

Yorkshire Heritage Bus Company has 12 of these beasts fit for all occasions from weddings to proms.

‘Sometimes a wedding party will book two buses; one for the guests and one for the bride,’ says Kirsty Halstead, whose mum and stepdad, Carol and Tony Blackman, run the company. A bus is dispatched to pick guests up from a central meeting point and drop them off at the ceremony, where the driver will wait to transport them on to the reception.

‘People just love the vintage look of a double-decker bus. Sometimes they want a red one so it looks like a London bus, but our unique black and ivory model is the one that really gets people’s vote. It’s stylish, different and looks pretty cool,’ says Kirsty.

Which is all very well, but unless Harry Potter is driving it, it can’t fly. So, what about chartering a helicopter for the day?

‘Helicopters are not just about making a grand entrance,’ says Julia Ruddy of Pennine Helis. ‘They are a serious transport option for couples who want to dash off to the airport and on to their honeymoon later.

‘A helicopter is also great for filling in the inevitable lull between the ceremony and the meal, or before the evening reception. The bridesmaids and groomsmen can be given a quick flight as a thank you present, or we can take the bride and groom up together.’

The helicopters, which are also used for pleasure flights and environmental work, are decorated just like traditional wedding limos with flowers, banners and ‘good luck’ cushions.

‘It’s a very similar process to booking a wedding car,’ says Julia, ‘but it’s vital that we’re brought in early in the organisation process. Some hotels say they have a helipad, but it might not actually be suitable. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a helicopter though. We can still circle the venue so the happy couple can greet their guests in style and land somewhere else nearby.’

Followed, presumably, by a swift tuk-tuk ride to the ceremony, a number 23 bus to the reception and, after dancing the night away (possibly on rollerskates), a final gallop off into the sunset on the back of an elephant.

Just a thought!



Pennine Helis: 01457 820152,

Thai the Knot: 01253 301300,

Yorkshire Heritage Bus Company: 01422 353330,


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