The wedding planning arguments to prepare yourself for

24 May 2017

When wedding planning isn’t so plain sailing; here are the arguments to prepare yourself for

Image: Dayne Topkin

While a joyous time to wallow in the excitement and anticipation of organising your big day, the wedding planning process will undoubtedly prove stressful at various stages along the way. As budgets become a burden, numbers must be finalised and decisions need to be made, it is inevitable that a strain will be put on some of your closest relationships – after all, we seem to be conditioned to take out our frustrations on our nearest and dearest. Here are some of the rifts to watch out for and some ideas to keep fraught tensions at bay….

You Vs Your partner

What starts out as a cooperative working relationship can quickly turn sour when one party takes the reins of the wedding planning and the balance is upset. Your partner thinks you are taking control, while you think your partner isn’t doing enough. When you need to increase your budget or your other half has failed to pay a supplier on time, you begin to lose your patience. And don’t even mention pre-nups… although, the more you argue, the smarter the idea seems.

How to solve it: Be open and honest with your partner from the outset, making decisions in a calm and collected manner. If a compromise needs to be reached, look at both sides of the argument. Assign tasks to one another and set deadlines to meet; this will ensure a better balance and clarify responsibility. Here are seven ways to get your partner more involved in wedding planning

You Vs a family member

You’ll lose track of the amount of times you feel like saying: “But it’s my wedding”, and sometimes it just slips out. From the dress to the cake and everything in between, there will always be a family member who speaks louder than everyone else. Whether your mum, sibling, cousin or grandparent, there are plenty of people who will have an opinion on the choices you make for your wedding day – and they won’t hold back.

How to solve it: Just remember that every opinion will come from a good place. Yes, some family members have a no-holds-barred approach to dishing them out, but it’s only because they care. Remain calm during family conversations and hear out those who want to offer their advice, then rationally explain your personal views. It will take some practice, but come the big day you’ll be a pro at keeping the peace.

You Vs your bridesmaid

Whether your bridesmaid fails on her duties, gets too drunk on your hen do, or voices her opinions one too many times, there are plenty of opportunities for you to fall out. You know she means well, but she has a funny way of showing it.

How to solve it: Before you strip her of her title, put everything in perspective and remind yourself of the reasons you picked her to be your bridesmaid. Sit down and have a chat so that the fall-out doesn’t impact your wedding day. You’ve got enough to worry about without an HR issue to deal with.  

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