Best men; a guide to being the best

19 May 2016

Being a best man comes with a whole host of duties and responsibilities that could make or break a wedding. Here's a guide from West Country Games to ensure you don't slip up come the big day

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Don't let being the best man become a bug bear; this ultimate guide will help you navigate the mother of all to-do lists.

Your biggest task will be organising the stag do, so whether you are thinking of a Bristol stag do a stag trip to Barcelona this article will help you cover all bases.

1. Finding your feet

Firstly, you need a good chat with the groom-to-be to find out various information regarding the big day itself.

What are going to be your main responsibilities on the big day? It will be very stressful if you are not 100 percent sure what will be required of you. Traditionally, the best man would look after the groom on the day and make sure things run as smoothly as possible.


2. Details of the big day

Be aware that the timings are crucial, particularly if the wedding ceremony itself is at a different venue to the reception. One good thing to do is to write down an order of events with timings and your responsibilities. Perhaps have a back-up copy of this on your mobile phone, as well as printing out a hard copy.

3. The speech

Your most important task will be to write and deliver the best man's speech. This will be your starring moment of the day with dozens of pairs or eyes on you, so the better prepared you are the smoother it's likely to go.

The best man's speech is such a huge topic in itself, but you really have nothing to worry about if you have put the time into writing and, most importantly, rehearsing. This is even more crucial if you are not experienced with public speaking.

Even if you are struggling for content, then fear not because the stag do will without doubt deliver amusing material to use and anecdotes aplenty. For this reason, we'd advise you leave the best man's speech until after the stag do.


4. The stag do

This brings us nicely on to your biggest task as best man; organising the stag do.

Here is a breakdown of the stag do tasks, so grab yourself a pen and paper and make a to do list.

  • Find out how many people are going to be attending
  • Discuss potential locations with the groom
  • Is this going to be a stag night, stag weekend or stag week?
  • Based on the desires above, then what sort of budget is going to be set? Will it be a 5-star weekend in Prague, or a stay in a barn in South Wales?
  • What kind of activities would the groom like included? Is he particularly into outdoor activities, or is he happier having an all-day drinking session followed by a strip bar?

So with all this information you can now start the job of planning the stag do.

Your budget is going to dictate every aspect of the stag do.  If everyone is happy to throw wads of cash at it, then you can pretty much go anywhere within the time constraints. If the groom is wanting to keep it on the cheaper side, then you will have to be more creative.

5. Stag do – budgets, time constraints and destination

As mentioned, the time is also going to dictate how far you can reasonably go. For instance, if you want a stag weekend in Madrid then four days is really the minimum, as you will need two days to get there and back - when taking into account getting to the airports etc.

If you only have the weekend, which is the likely scenario, then realistically you'll be looking at somewhere closer to home. So budget and time are the two things you really need to focus on initially.

As for staying in the UK, you will have plenty of options. The main destinations for stag weekends tend to be the bigger cities such as London, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff, Newcastle and Edinburgh. As major regional centres you will be spoilt for choice in terms of bars, dining and those all-important activities.

Another thing to consider is choosing a destination with a wide range of accommodation. The cities above will of course cater for you, but it's worth considering smaller places with lots of hotels such as Newquay, Brighton or Blackpool.


6. Stag do - activities

If you are away the whole weekend, then you'll want to include some activities away from drinking in bars. Depending on the tastes of the stag do crew then this could include paintballing, laser questing, carting and multi activity events.

If you are looking for more sedate activities, then consider watching sporting events or even take in a concert or festival as something different to do.

7. Final thoughts…

So just to recap, here is your best man's to do list. Don't be too overwhelmed by being the best man, after all it's a real honour of the lasting friendship you’ve made.


  1. Find out all necessary arrangements for the wedding day and make your own schedule of events as best man
  2. Find out how many people will be on the stag do
  3. Suggest a number of destinations to the groom unless he is set on one place
  4. Ensure everything is booked for the stag do. from accommodation to activities, try and do this as early on as possible to get the best deals
  5. Write the best man's speech
  6. Enjoy it!

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