The 'two wedding dress' trend: why Meghan Markle and Chiara Ferragni got it right

21 Sep 2018

Why have one wedding dress when you can have two? Promoted by Meghan Markle and Chiara Ferragni, here's why the 'two wedding dress' trend is taking hold

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Image gallery

If you’re an avid Instagram follower, you will most likely have stumbled across the faultless profile of Chiara Ferragni. An online fashion sensation, Chiara boasts more than 14 million followers all of whom watched in awe as she uploaded iconic photos of her recent wedding day.

Wearing not one but two decadent Dior wedding dresses, Chiara switched from a beautiful, long-sleeved lace gown to a floral princess dress during the day. As her beauty showed no bounds, Chiara’s bold selection arguably amassed more attention than the long-awaited, highly-praised choices of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.

Whether you’re a loyal fan of the Royal Family or follow Chiara’s every movement with close attention, it seems that women across the world are finally appreciating the trend of two wedding dresses. With the benefits of added glamour and essential practicality, this trend is quickly taking the world by storm.

Fashion designer Anunita discusses five of the key benefits of having two wedding dresses, explaining why Meghan and Chiara got it right. From sleek second gowns making dancing less daunting to tailor-made suits adding a modern twist to your evening celebrations, this will undoubtedly make you rethink your wedding dress plans.


1. Torn between two dresses?

While most brides-to-be pin their hopes on finding the one perfect dress, there is still a chance that they fall in love with two. By adopting the 'two wedding dress' trend, you'll not only put paid to your indecision but you'll have twice as much love for your final choices. 

2. A creative mix of wedding photos

Of course, all wedding photos are beautiful; they encapsulate unforgettable, intimate memories never to be forgotten. However, if you celebrate your day with two wedding dresses, you’ll find that your photos can take on two entirely different themes. Allowing you to explore your creativity with different styles, backdrops and poses, you’ll have much more to play with when it comes to selecting the final cut of photos after the wedding.

3. Bye-bye creases

Travelling to your wedding (and reception, if you’re hosting at two different venues) may make your dress a little creased. Fitting your gown into a vehicle, whether this is be a limo, carriage or classic car, will certainly test the material’s delicacy. Having two wedding dresses means that come the evening, you can transform into a fresh outfit without having to worry about whether inevitable crinkles will detract from the lustre of your beautiful gown. Feel good throughout the day and night by mixing things up a little.

4. Embrace your inner fashionista

If you have a love for fashion, there’s never been a better time to be a little extra. Celebrate your interests and make the most of this big day; two outfits will allow you to explore different aspects of your personality, all of which are indisputably cherished by your partner. From a girly princess dress to a chic tailored suit or sleek backless cocktail dress, you’ll feel better than ever.

5. “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”

You have to dance at your wedding, so don’t watch on from the sidelines. Celebrate with your friends and family by letting go of your inhibitions in a second dress that’s much more flexible and perfect for a party…now is not the time to hold back. 

Did you embrace the 'two wedding dress' trend on your big day? We want to hear from you; email

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