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The secret to the perfect wedding smile

17 Jul 2019

If you yearn for straighter teeth on your wedding day, Franksmile has the answer

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When you look back on your wedding photographs, full of laughter and happy faces, you’ll want to ensure your smile stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Many brides will splash out on pre-wedding beauty treatments before their big day, but have you ever considered your teeth?

Having straight teeth can give you a real confidence boost but the journey to achieving such perfection is often tedious, expensive and painful (metal braces, anyone?). Good dental care is key throughout your life, yet your wedding – and the prospect of being centre stage – should be enough for you to ensure your smile looks as great as possible.

Franksmile offers high quality dental aligners, backed by a professional orthodontic service. What’s more, the clear aligners can be delivered directly to your door. No more long waiting lists or nerve-ridden appointments, Franksmile’s aligners can give you the perfect smile without having to set foot in a dental surgery. The teeth straightening solution is also cost-effective and with financing plans available, prices start from as little as £65 per month.


In three simple steps, you can have the smile you’ve always wanted. Here’s how Franksmile’s service works…

1. Impressions

Impression Kits are available for a one-off payment of £49. On request, you will be sent an Impression Kit to complete from the comfort of your home. Using the moulds you create impressions of your teeth, which are then returned free of charge to Franksmile. Their qualified orthodontists analyse your eligibility for the service and remotely design your personalised treatment plan. The 100% money-back guarantee will permit a full refund should the orthodontists determine they cannot provide sufficient medical treatment.

2. Computer-generated simulation

In a matter of weeks you will receive your computer-generated simulation which will show how your teeth will look after treatment, provided the aligners are worn for 22 hours a day and only removed to eat or drink. Treatments last for an average of six months.

3. Aligners delivered

Once you proceed with the service, your clear aligners will be sent to your address and the treatment can begin. The aligners make slight adjustments to your teeth over time and depending on your personal needs, the aligners are substituted every couple of weeks to progress the transformation. A complimentary retainer is also included to maintain your smile once your treatment is complete.  

With straighter teeth comes greater confidence, allowing you to smile like you mean it on your wedding day. 

Want to give Franksmile a go? Visit for further information and enter ‘BRIDE30’ at checkout for 30% off your Impression Kit.

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