The Royal Wedding: A year on...

14 May 2019

As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex celebrate their first year of marriage, we meet eight other couples who are celebrating their first anniversary on Sunday 19th May

Image gallery

Image gallery

It seems like only yesterday that the nation was celebrating the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Yet on Sunday 19th May 2019, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be celebrating their first anniversary and what a year it's been...

The birth of their first son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, on 6th May 2019 is undoubtedly the cherry on top of a busy yet exciting year. In the 12 months since their wedding, the couple completed their first Royal tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand and have made a series of public engagements both together and individually. With much to be thankful for, the royal couple will undoubtedly spend a memorable first anniversary together as a family of three.

To mark the occasion, we revisit the couples who shared their wedding day with the Royals and we find out what they have achieved and enjoyed in their first year as newlyweds. 

Alice and Craig Mann

"The first year of marriage was very exciting for us as we actually found out I was expecting our second baby the week of the wedding. We welcomed a beautiful baby boy in January and named him George.

"Marriage hasn’t changed our relationship as we had already been together 10 years before the wedding, so for us it was just the next step. A big thing for me was that our family all had the same surname as we already had a little girl, Elsie, who was four-years-old at the time of the wedding 

"We are hoping to have a child-free day for our anniversary and enjoy a nice lunch and some shopping for an upcoming holiday."


Stephanie and Mitchel Bonsra

"What a year it has been for us. I fell pregnant with our first child at the beginning of June 2018 and she arrived on 13th March 2019 (she is now eight weeks old) and we named her Milan Rai. She is so beautiful.

"We also bought our first home together and moved in to our new property in October 2018. So all in all we have a had a very busy yet extremely rewarding first year of marriage.

"Marriage has changed our relationship for the better. I believe that even though it didn’t feel possible to love each other any more than we did, we actually love each other more now that we are married.

"We will be celebrating our first anniversary in our new home with our beautiful daughter and a lovely meal. It seems only right to do it that way. It’s the little things in life that make it special."


Miranda and Damien Adamson

"We have had a wonderful first year of marriage. We have bought and are busy renovating our new family home.

"Being married has brought us even closer together than before, the knowledge that we are in it together no matter what has just cemented our commitment to each other.

"We are celebrating our anniversary by going away on a holiday to Turkey. Fingers crossed we have beautiful sunny weather like we did on our wedding day."


Samantha and Leslie Wright

"Time has flown by since we got married, I can't believe it has been a year already. We had an awesome honeymoon in Disney Florida a few months after the wedding.

"For our anniversary we are going back to Coldham Hall (where we held our wedding reception) with the dog and the baby bump to celebrate...

"Yes, I am expecting our first child. With our baby girl's imminent arrival we are prepping the nursery and getting ready for our first family holiday to Disneyland Paris. Still in the newlywed bubble."


Lucy and Peter Clarke

"Since the wedding we've been on honeymoon, well more of a family-moon as we took our two daughters Lilly and Poppy with us. We went back to Santa Ponsa in Mallorca, Spain where we got engaged. 

"Over the year we have taken each day as it comes. We make the most of the time we have together as being busy people and bringing up our two girls we try to spend quality time together when we can. Whether it is being snuggled up on the sofa with a film or an afternoon tea somewhere local, it's important to have time together as a couple.

"I don't think being married has changed our relationship very much, if anything it's brought us closer and we value each other more.

"For our first anniversary we both have the day off together and will have dinner followed by a night in front of the television after the girls have gone to bed. In a couple of weeks' time we will be in Newquay, Cornwall to celebrate as a family."


Claire and Dean Baldwin

"It's been a pretty busy year all round. We moved into our dream home six weeks after the wedding, in fact we were organising the completion date from the beach in Mexico on our honeymoon. So the past few months have been full of painting and DIY. We even hosted an epic Christmas as Mr and Mrs Baldwin with 12 for lunch which was great fun. 

"Marriage has made us both feel that we have a closer bond and a deeper respect for each other. We both feel proud to refer to call each other husband and wife, although I’m still getting used to referring to myself as Mrs Baldwin. 

"Without sounding too cliché, I think the thing we have learnt most over the past year is to enjoy the journey rather than focus on the destination. 

"We’re off out for dinner on the evening of our anniversary, although I don’t know where yet...Dean has organised it as a surprise for me. Can’t wait!" 


Ioana and Benn James

"We were together for a long time before we decided to get married, so we already knew each other’s quirks and strengths and it feels like we are working to our strengths as a couple.

"Since the wedding we’ve been busy helping other Kent brides and grooms get their pets involved in their wedding by setting up our pet chaperone business, Tail Tales. It’s something we’re both passionate about and going through the day ourselves as pet owners it’s something we can easily relate to and help with.

"Nothing feels different on a day-to-day basis, but we feel different as a whole and marriage has definitely brought us closer together. It’s not something tangible, but more than a feeling, a shift in the dynamics. And who can ever get bored of referring to their partner as their husband? I still get butterflies every time I say it. 

"Being our paper anniversary, it feels like we’ve stretched out the celebration for the course of the whole year as we decided to spread our honeymoon budget into two trips: one to Iceland in January and one this May to New York, which we've just returned from. So I guess you could say that the paper presents to each other were the flight tickets to see two destinations that we always wanted to explore together."


Natalie and Ashley Wild

"We had a fantastic honeymoon in Disney World, Florida. A special place for both of us as this is where we got engaged. The perfect place to keep the magic going after our fairytale wedding at Farnham Castle.

"Over the past year we attended four other weddings, visited family in Texas and the biggest news is that we bought our first house together and moved in just in time for Christmas.

"We are celebrating our first anniversary with a special meal at our favourite restaurant, Thai Terrace in Guildford. We are very happily married and more in love now than we ever have been. Marriage has brought us closer together and made us the best of friends. We have made so many memories, we laugh every day and never forget to say 'I love you'."


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