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The rhythm for your new life

21 Jun 2011

The rhythm for your new life

A night of thumping house music or screeching thrash metal from your favourite local band may suit the couple, but what about the guests? Where do you start with music for the reception?

Choosing the music for the ceremony is usually easy, with favourite hymns for church or easy listening classical for civil occasions.

But the fun starts when you consider evening entertainment. Should it be a band, or a disco, and will it be background or for dancing? And what about that first dance?

Obviously ‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for’ isn’t the perfect choice, but we’ve all had quite enough of ‘(Everything I do) I do it for you’ to last us a lifetime! If planning a performance style dance for that first one, choose something you can move to – ask your dance tutor, otherwise pick something you both like and which you know guests will get up and dance to as well.

Before that though, consider all the music options.

Norfolk agent Add Some Music says it’s vital to shop around as there are many great bands available and the price doesn’t always reflect the quality.

“Using an agent can help find you the right entertainment within your budget and you can be safe in the knowledge that the entertainers are up to the expected standard,” says studio producer and project manager Nick Worrall of Add Some Music.

Allow enough time for the entertainment to set up too. Big bands may need up to two hours and DJs 90 minutes.

If the music to be played is subject to copyright you’ll need a PRS (Performing Rights Society) licence, so make sure the venue has this. The licence will determine the hour the music must stop, says Nick, and this does mean stop.

Some set ups need a lot of power so you’ll need access to more than just a couple of sockets. Larger set ups may need three-phase electricity.

Stage lighting, continue the experts, is vital, and remember the band may not necessarily bring its own.

A good DJ will be able to judge the audience and play appropriate music but if you have something specific in mind let them know, supplying the music yourself if necessary. Add Some Music’s Alex Howard, a sound technician, said 500 Miles, Living on a Prayer, Don’t Stop Me Now and Sex On Fire are current wedding favourites.

Most bands and DJs will dress to match your occasion if you specify beforehand and do remember, if hiring a band, that you’ll need interval music and a DJ is best for this and the after party.

Alex adds that at one recent wedding where they’d provided the PA for a function band, the DJ hired (not by them) to keep the party going after the band didn’t turn up and the wedding party was about to be a silent one.

“Luckily one of the guests had an iPod and I was able to play this through our PA system, along with a few of our CDs for the rest of the night,” says Alex.

Using an agent to organise all the details such as set up, power, lighting and specific requests saves a lot of headaches, but if organising your own, always confirm everything and have a contingency plan – just in case.

Add Some Music, 01379 676695, www.addsomemusic.co.uk.

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