The future for wedding celebrants in the UK

28 Sep 2018

Jennifer Claire Constant is a wedding celebrant and is now sharing her success in a tell-all book. Find out why the future for celebrants is a promising one...

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The future for celebrants in the UK is looking brighter than ever. I’ve been working in the industry for eight years now, fully booked for most of it, and it’s never looked so exciting, both for professionals and our clients.

Religious weddings in decline

As religious ceremonies have declined in popularity - just 26% of marriages involved a religious ceremony in 2015 - so, too, has the desire for couples to have a traditional wedding. While barriers to a church wedding, including needing a connection to a church or attending regularly for a period of time before your wedding, may have contributed to the decline in religious services, social media has undoubtedly had a huge influence in the desire for couples to hold a personalised and creative ceremony.

Couples want the unique, idyllic, quirky visions they see on Pinterest and Instagram to become their reality, and unhindered by rules on what can and can’t be done. Celebrants are brilliantly placed to turn these online visions into real life realities.

Civil ceremonies have outnumbered church services since 1992, but celebrant-led services have undoubtedly played more of a role in the last 5-10 years, growing from just a handful of ceremonies a year a decade ago to thousands of couples choosing this route today. Venues are cottoning on to the fact that they don’t need a licence for a celebrant-led wedding as the legal part is taken care of in the registry office, and so quirky, affordable options are coming to the market every month.

The power of personalisation

The real opportunities for celebrants will undoubtedly come to those who can not just lead a beautiful service, but collaboratively create ceremonies that are tailored to each and every couple's personal tastes and lifestyles. Those who can get to know each and every couple individually and write their wedding ceremony from scratch will, I believe, enable themselves to turn being a celebrant into a full-time career – after all, many, like myself, start out by offering their services against another 'day-job'.

However, every celebrant needs to be flexible and keep up to date with trends, ideas, venues and have a never ending supply of creativity and passion. And for some celebrants that will mean learning new skills, like using social media, proactively marketing themselves to couples, forming effective working relationships with potential venues beyond local hotels or perhaps the art of advertising on a larger scale.

And just as the norm used to be for couples to marry at their local church and have their children christened there, celebrants have the opportunity to deliver not just personalised wedding ceremonies, but also naming days for children, renewal of vows and even remembrance services. 

Celebrants who can meet the challenge, and I believe there are many, have the opportunity to fulfil not just their couples' dream weddings, but their own dream lifestyle businesses and in doing so, revolutionise the industry completely.


Jennifer Claire Constant is a wedding professional success coach, specialising in the growth of celebrant businesses. She has been working in the industry for eight years. Her life-changing journey from part-time celebrant and mum to being a serial entrepreneur within the wedding industry is featured in the new ‘Mumpreneur on Fire 3’ book. 

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