The five things you shouldn’t skimp on for your wedding

07 Jun 2017

Thinking of saving a few pennies on your wedding? Here are five things you definitely shouldn’t cut costs on

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Image gallery

Weddings are expensive: we all know it. So it’s only natural to want to try and save money wherever possible. There are, however, certain things you shouldn’t skimp on when it comes to your big day unless you want to risk disaster.


It’s not difficult to tell the difference between a good photographer and a bad photographer. Normally, the price is the first clue. That may sound harsh, but you will see a massive difference in quality between a photographer who charges £200 for a day, and one who charges upwards of £1,000. If you want out of focus photographs, pictures at a jaunty angle, and images that don’t make much sense, then go for it. But if you want beautiful, professional photographs that will last a lifetime and forever remind you of your big day, then spend a little bit more money. It’s worth it.


Food and drink

Your food will be one of, if not the, most expensive parts of your whole day. It can be tempting to go for a cheaper caterer, or even going DIY and making your own food. What you need to remember, though, is that your meal will be your first opportunity to sit down and relax after the craziness of the first half of your day. Your meal is also a chance to recharge and get ready for a night of dancing, drinking, and letting your hair down. Food is fuel, and you don’t want it to be awful. You especially don’t want to be sitting down scanning the room and realising that everyone’s faces are screwed up in disgust. Remember to over-provide instead of under-provide, and cater for those who are vegetarian or vegan - you don't want anyone to go hungry.


Hair and make-up

“But I do my own hair and make-up everyday,” you might be thinking. There is a big difference between professional wedding hair and make-up artists and you. Professional make-up artists know exactly how to do your make-up so that it will stay all day without smudging, and will look perfect for the cameras. Professional hair stylists will be able to produce the perfect up-do that, even though it looks loose and ruffled and boho, will not move an inch throughout the day. They are trained and have skills that you don’t, and they know exactly what they’re doing. Plus, why would you want the stress of trying (and possibly failing) to beautify yourself before your big day?



Whether it’s a live band, a DJ, or something else, you really shouldn’t skimp on your music and sound. A sub-par live band or DJ will have the ability to ruin your evening, whilst a quality and experienced one will be able to make sure your night is one to remember. The difference between a good DJ and a bad DJ? One will play nothing but cheesy school disco hits, whilst the other will listen to what you tell him/her about your preferences and favourites, and tailor the playlist around them.



After your wedding is over, you’re going to want to retire to a clean, tidy room where you can fall asleep peacefully without having to think about anything. One mistake that a lot of newlyweds make is thinking that they can just crash back at their own home after the big day. But think about it: you’ve been organising your wedding for the last few weeks and your house is a tip. Even if it isn’t, you’re going to be sleeping in the same bed you sleep in every night, taking a little bit of the magic out of what was the most special day of your life. Instead, splurge a little and get a hotel room or rent a nearby house or cottage. It’ll be worth it just so that you can wake up and still feel like you’re floating on air, instead of worrying about the washing up or feeding the cat. 


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