Introducing Indie Bride: The Ethical Wedding Dress Label for Boho Rule-breaking Brides

28 Dec 2015

With high street wedding dresses entering shop floors at budget-friendly prices, it seems designers are taking note. Introducing her new eco-luxe bridal label, designer Minna Hepburn shows us her affordable designer gowns for alternative brides

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Image gallery

What kind of bride are you? Traditional and classic? Or alternative and quirky?

Well, there is a new kind of bride on the block according to wedding dress designer Minna Hepburn, the founder of super-successful bridal brand Minna which formed back in 2008. A bride who is a confident rule-breaker, who will opt for an organic shorter-length dress and a ‘beaten up’ biker jacket over traditional skirts and uncomfortable tailoring. She is the inspiration behind Minna’s new label, Indie Bride.

Katharine Davies

The Dorset-based Finnish designer, who centered her Minna brand on ethical creations made from recycled, locally-produced textiles, has launched the sister label with the same eco-friendly philosophy but with affordability in mind.

The 60-piece collection of wedding dresses, tops and skirts are retailing between £190 and £650, meaning they will appeal to brides who don’t have a top-end wedding budget.

“Over the years, we have noticed that all brides looking for less bridal, shorter-style dresses, have something in common and this range is designed for them,” Minna says. “The Indie Bride range is for brides who want a dress that complements their own style, who do not want to look like a bride and who want to wear their dress beyond their big day,” she adds.

Katharine Davies

Intrigued by what constitutes an ‘indie bride,’ we caught up with Minna to get the lowdown on the new label and an inside look at the new range. 

How would you define an ‘indie bride’?
For me, Indie Bride refers to an independent bridal label, handmade, not following the usual rules or what is expected. This is a woman who is not bothered
about having a huge expensive wedding, traditional dress that costs as much as a down-payment for a house, she is just happy to celebrate her big day surrounded by loved ones. She is a rule-breaker and very confident in her own skin and obviously someone with great taste…

Katharine Davies

Who have you created Indie Bride for and why did you decide to launch a separate range? 
Minna has very much grown to be a more traditional bridal line with maxi-length dresses that are harder to sell online and often require a visit to our London showroom. With Indie Bride, we are focusing on online sales and growing the business outside UK as well. 

With lower price points, quicker turnaround times and a huge selection of dresses and separates that are not very fitted, we see Indie Bride getting a bigger audience very quickly.

Where have your found your inspiration for the Indie Bride collection? 
I just love the idea of a white lace dress, biker boots and a beaten-up leather jacket. That was a starting point to the Indie Bride collection. We did not want to create overly-bridal styles as we wanted our brides to be able to wear the dress after their big day as well.

Katharine Davies

How have you adapted your designs to cater for an ‘indie bride'?
We decided to focus on shorter dresses (that can be made into a maxi dress) and avoid anything that looks too bridal. We still love our luxury fabrics and bit of embellishment here and there but work hard to keep prices low and manufacturing in the UK.

Why would these dresses appeal to eco-conscious brides? 
We have always manufactured in the UK and put a lot of emphasis sourcing on sustainable fabrics. All our cotton is certified organic and we also use organic silk certified by the UK Soil Association. We recycle all our fabrics and use them to make accessories so nothing gets wasted. We also use as many UK fabric suppliers as possible. My favourite fabric is the lace made in UK. Expensive but so unique.

We also launched the limited edition collection on Indie Bride where we only can manufacture a limited number of dresses. I love each of the pieces we made and the fabrics are gorgeous, yet ethical.

Katharine Davies

Have you seen a decrease in the number of bridal fittings vs. brides buying online? 
Sadly no. Buying a wedding dress is a once-in-a-lifetime experience which means most women always want to try the dress on. This means higher prices as we need to provide that service with a showroom. If we could just be able to sell online, we would lower our prices dramatically and still provide a great service. I am really working hard to make both brands more online based. With the Indie Bride range we are hoping to find that audience.

Katharine Davies

Tell us three things about you as a dress designer that many people might not know...

1. I am training to be a pilates teacher and starting a naturopathic medicine course in London.

2. I cannot sew, nor pattern cut. I am great finding amazing team who can do all those things.

3. I never studied fashion. I graduated from War Studies at Kings College London.

Finally, which is your favourite dress from the collection and why? 
I love the Minna and Estelle dresses from the Minna bridal range and cannot wait to wear the Aimee dress from the Indie Bride range!

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