The 10 types of bridesmaid

20 May 2016

Which ones can you identify amongst your bridal party? 

Bridesmaid duties can bring out the good and the bad in your besties. Hey, nobody’s perfect and everything your bridesmaid does will be out of the goodness of her heart – just beware of all the types beforehand.

1. The doter

This BFF bridesmaid has been waiting for your wedding ever since you’ve known her. She will want to know every detail and will make you aware of her services at every opportunity.


2. The panicker

Some people just don’t work well under pressure and the panicker fits this description perfectly. Faffing over the smallest of details, this bridesmaid will send you into a frenzy before the arrangements are even underway.

3. The chiller

Turning up late to every dress fitting, the chiller will both calm and terrify you. There is no sense of urgency with this one, who is just happy to go with the flow… at her own slow pace.

4. The organiser

Taking over all the bridesmaid duties, this friend or family member will put your wedding planning into overdrive. Sit her at the forefront of the hen do plans and (hopefully) she will let you take care of the rest.

5. The drunk

A wedding is just an excuse for a good old knees up according to this bridesmaid – and why wait until the big day?! Cracking open the champers at any given opportunity, she will have you toasting from your engagement announcement to the morning after the wedding.

6. The gusher

This dedicated friend will give you every compliment under the sun – kind or excessive, you decide. She holds you in such high regard that she has nothing but praise – and occasional expressions of love - for you.

7. The one that can-do-no-wrong

Here comes the teacher’s pet. Practically perfect in every way, this bridesmaid will give Mary Poppins a run for her money. Fulfilling every task assigned to her with fantastic flourish, she will keep you smiling – and sane – throughout the entire process.

8. The opinionated one

When it comes to the bridesmaid dresses, this lady will want it her way or the highway. Loud and forthright, she won’t be afraid to tell you exactly what she thinks and her expressions will speak volumes.

9. The non-opinionated one

Quiet and meek, this shrinking violet will blend into the background even when her opinion is asked for. She doesn’t want to upset anyone and would much rather make you happy, so approach with caution.

10. The blubber

There’s always one and this bridesmaid just cannot hold back her tears of joy. Seeing you in your wedding dress for the very first time will send her over the edge, so be sure to have some tissues to hand.


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