The 10 things they don't tell you about getting engaged

26 Jan 2017

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments of life, but brace yourself for the aspects that only a bride-to-be can relate to

1. You'll get sick of your own proposal story... and everyone else's

Once, twice, three-times round is a novelty and then you start to dread the question being asked again... and again... and again. Your story halves in duration as you become bored of the same old words. And watch out for those who just ask so that they can recount their own story about how their partners popped the question - they'll tell anyone who they can corner.

2. You don't know where to start with your wedding planning

You thought you had it sussed since you were five-years-old, but it turns out when faced with the reality of organising a wedding you feel completely and utterly overwhelmed. The struggle is real, but making a start is a step in the right direction.

3. You discover new body hang-ups

You start noticing lumps and bumps in all manner of places and in your quest for perfection, you journey to the gym more times than ever before. Just remember, your partner fell in love with you before your skinny minny alter-ego came knocking. 


4. You start talking brides-speak

By joining the community of brides-to-be and speaking to wedding suppliers day-in-day-out, you develop a new vocabulary only understood by those in the industry. Hessian burlap, Chiavari chairs and organza lace are just some of the words that now sit snugly in your repertoire. 

5. Your scary in-laws get scarier

Whether you have a good relationship or not with your in-laws, the prospect of calling them family begins to fill you with a little bit of fear. And some mother-in-laws will go to the extra effort of letting that be known throughout the whole planning process, asserting their authority as your elder at any given opportunity.

6. Your best friends can become 'frenemies'

Choosing your best friends as your bridesmaids is a dream come true for all parties, but five dress fittings later and you might start to wonder why you ever did. Finding the perfect bridesmaids' dresses can make everyone involved fraught with tension and when strong opinions are shown, it is no wonder that best friends can fall out. Just keep everything in perspective and listen to your friends' likes and dislikes as much as your own.

7. You can make new friends

In the same breath, the world of wedding planning allows you to meet new and inspiring people who can become friends for life. You can even establish a close bond with your wedding suppliers, who are there to guide and advise every step of the way, sharing in your wedding journey and the highs and lows it brings. 

8. You will experience a whirlwind of emotions

From start to finish, the rollercoaster ride of wedding planning will deliver a multitude of emotions that you never thought you could feel while organising the biggest day of your life. Whether positive or negative feelings, it's all part and parcel of making your big day as perfect as can be.

9. Your dress search can be tedious - but worth the wait

While some brides find 'the dress' straight away, others have a bit more difficulty in finding 'the one'. Akin to the quest for the Holy Grail, the hunt for your wedding dress does not promise a smooth and straightforward ride. No matter whether you know exactly what you want or are open to ideas, there is no set timescale in finding the dress of your dreams. But hang on in there as you never know when 'the moment' is set to surprise you.

10. The elation you will feel on your wedding day is second-to-none

When the wedding planning is done and dusted and there is nothing left to do but enjoy the big day, there is no better feeling than the sense of accomplishment, relief and happiness that you will feel throughout the celebrations. This will make everything feel worthwhile. 

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