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The 10 stages of hen do hysteria

15 Apr 2016

Whether you're jetting off to sunnier climes, hiring a cottage in the country or sightseeing in the city, most hen dos follow a similar course of events. Psych yourself up for one of the best parties of your life and embrace the 10 stages of hen do hysteria

The lead up to any hen do can sometimes be too much to bear. Whether you’re an organiser, an attendee or a slightly nervous bride, the level of anticipation and excitement can be a struggle to contain in the run up to the big event.

And when the day arrives, the thrill and exhilaration reaches fever pitch. Check out the timeline below and mentally and physically prepare yourself for the 10 stages of hen do hysteria.  

1. A month before

The date is getting nearer. You formulate a checklist to ensure you have time to buy all the necessities; a brand new outfit, pair of shoes, daywear, nightwear and not forgetting the all-important alcohol. Budgets go out the window and you find yourself splashing the cash on every little detail.

2. The night before

It’s just like Christmas eve; you toss and you turn, but you still can’t sleep – even though you know that these last few hours of shut-eye will be oh-so precious come tomorrow.

3. Arrival

The day has arrived and it’s everything that you imagined it would be. Getting together your best gal pals – be they family or friends, and celebrating the bride’s one last night of singledom is pure delight. Champagne or Lambrini, you toast everybody’s arrival and signal the start of an unforgettable event.

4. Civilised daytime activity

The fun has only just begun. Whether you’re attending a twerking class or attempting an aerial assault course, you get stuck in. Cheering on your fellow hens, the camaraderie and elation is clear to see, offering the perfect bonding experience ahead of the evening’s events.

5. Flowing drinks

And then comes the drinking. Shots, cocktails and mixers come thick and fast as the celebrations well and truly commence. Drinking games and dressing up in only the best hen do regalia serves to fuel the fire as the party gets started.

6. A walk down memory lane

Reminiscing for all to hear, you come over all nostalgic as tales of the bride are recounted one by one. From school days and uni years, to all-girls holidays and weekends away – there are so many memories waiting to be retold. Remember the time when...

7. Outlandish games

As is custom on a hen do, the outlandish games begin. Kicking off with a more tame ‘Mr and Mrs’ question round and deteriorating quite quickly to new-found fun with phallic objects, noise levels reach new highs and the squealing and giggling becomes contagious.

8. Drunken dancing

Your limbs take over, whisking you atop the nearest table to let loose to the blaring hen do anthems. Beyonce’s Single Ladies, Cyndi’s Girls just wanna have fun and Whitney’s I wanna dance with somebody are on replay and the not so in-sync choreography starts to take shape.

9. Declarations of undying love

Bleary eyed and slurred of speech, you crash together to declare your feelings of undying and unconditional love for one another. Who needs a life partner when you have your best friends and family?

10. The morning after

The pain is unbearable and your eyes fail to open on command, but boy was it worth it. Thinking of the journey home fills you with dread, but a Berocca later and you’re feeling (slightly) more human – a pitstop at McDonald’s will surely sort you out. The goodbyes are emosh as everyone departs, but the thought of a reunion on the day of the wedding gives you that much-needed boost to get you through the imminent working week. 

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