Pre-Wedding Day Body Insecurities Cured: Split Ends to Muffin Tops

14 Apr 2015

Get rid of muffin tops, dry hair and bad breath with these top tips for spring cleaning your body

Leading names within the lifestyle industry reveal their expert tips on how to get your body in tip top condition before the big day

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Image gallery

Every bride-to-be wants to look and feel great before slipping into their wedding dress. But sometimes, striking a balance between keeping yourself in optimum condition whilst managing a full time job and other life pressures can be tricky. There never seems to be enough time to do everything that you want to, and all too often the effects of taking shortcuts can reveal themselves in your appearance and general wellbeing.

With wedding season fast approaching, there is no better time to ‘spring clean' your lifestyle. To help with this, some of the leading names in the lifestyle industry have come together to provide a list of top tips on the best ways to boost both your health and confidence before tying the knot.

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Suck it Up: Muffin Tops
For many brides, looking streamlined in your perfect wedding dress can be a cause for concern. However, with Tasty Little Numbers, it is now possible to minimise your muffin top without giving up your favourite treats.

Jo Beach, Entrepreneur and founder of Tasty Little Numbers comments: “Portion control is king; it is important to allow yourself a bit of what you fancy to prevent overindulging on fatty foods to compensate for going without. At only 100 calories a pop, the new gluten-free 100 Calorie Chocolate Biscuit Bars are the perfect office based snack, and with three different flavours, there is something to suit bride-to-be.

Food swaps are also a great way to cut the calories, yet without feeling like you’re depriving your body or going without. Some days there is just no time to sit & eat a cooked breakfast and a sugary cereal – although often a tempting option when you’re in a hurry - does little to nourish your body. My failsafe 60-second food swap is: 1 banana, 1 cored apple, 1 scoop of protein powder, 1 scoop of flaxseeds and 200ml of water - it takes me 20 seconds to prepare, 20 seconds to whizz to a pulp in my NutriBullet and 20 seconds to drink it. I feel super-nourished with carbs, protein and good fats in no time at all!"

Flickr Creative Commons: Mark Roy

Sealing Split Ends: Dry Hair
No woman wants hay for hair while they say ‘I Do’. The daily wear and tear from hair dryers and straighteners can wreak havoc on our hair – drying it out and being a main cause of split ends. You don’t have to sacrifice your favourite electricals, but choosing your products wisely, is crucial.

Renowned haircare guru Nicky Clarke gives the lowdown: “During the spring and summer months your hair is more prone to drying out and developing the dreaded frizzy look. Go for products with ionic and tourmaline technology, like the Nicky Clarke Hair Therapy range. This provides a source of negative ions and far infrared rays - locking the moisture in your hair and keeping it sleek and shiny. Tourmaline is a mineral that aids in hair smoothing and unlike more old fashioned tools, helps to seal in hair’s natural moisture - preventing high levels of heat damage caused by most styling tools”.


Flickr Creative Commons: Andrew Comings

A Breath of Fresh Air: Bad Breath

No husband wants to taste cigarette after hearing the vicar say ‘you may now kiss the bride’. Smoking is a key cause of bad breath which can linger for hours and aside from the wider health implications, the habit is also linked to gum disease. The most immediate way that cigarettes cause bad breath is by leaving smoke particles in the throat and lungs. The chemicals in tobacco also linger in the mouth for hours and lead to the stale scent associated with smoker’s breath. In addition, smoking irritates your gums and can increase your risk of developing gum disease, which is a major cause of halitosis (bad breath).  

Michel Bracke, CEO of Nicoccino comments: “Nicoccino has helped thousands of people to quit smoking and unlike vaping, it is discreet enough to be used anywhere, anytime. The leaf-thin film slides under the gum and allows the user an immediate nicotine sensation – equivalent to one cigarette - without the harmful chemicals and carcinogens found in traditional cigarettes. The product offers smokeless satisfaction and it will not stain your teeth or nails, or leave an unpleasant odour”.

Flickr Creative Commons: Amanda

A Winning Smile: Yellow Stained Teeth
There are certain foods and beverages which you should avoid if you are trying to maintain a pearly white smile to match your dress. Tea and coffee in particular might provide the perfect pick me up, but these hot drinks are notorious for discolouring our teeth.

Dr Sameer Patel, Clinical Director at dentist to the stars, elleven says:“Tea and coffee stains between the teeth and if it is drunk regularly, the tannin compounds that cause the discolouration continue to build up. The best way to avoid this is to rinse the mouth thoroughly with water after consumption, to wash away residue left on the teeth.

As a general rule, the more intense the colour of food and drink, the more potential there is for staining. The colour comes from chromogens - intensely pigmented molecules with a tendency to latch onto dental enamel. Acidic food and drink are especially harmful as they not only erode the dental enamel, they also temporarily soften teeth which make them more prone to staining. Watch out for coffee and fruit juices”. 

Flickr Creative Commons: Monique Broekhuisen

Smoothing the Way: Varicose Veins
No newlywed wants to show off their veiny legs on the beach during their honeymoon, however the condition can affect up to 30% of the UK population during their adult lives.

Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Founder of The Whiteley Clinic, Professor Mark Whiteley says:“Sitting at an office desk for hours on end is a common part of our day. When you sit for extended periods of time, the muscles in your legs that normally help pump blood aren’t used very much. As a result, in patients with varicose veins or “hidden varicose veins”, the blood falls backwards down the leg veins. The blood can then pool in the lower leg, increasing swelling, skin damage and the risks of visible varicose veins. To keep your leg muscles in working form, every half an hour stand up and pump your calves by rising onto your toes repeatedly for 60 seconds. However if you already have visible varicose veins, then these need to be treated first with the new endovenous techniques.”

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