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Snow fun in March!

27 Mar 2013

Snow fun in March!

Tradition dictates a bride should be suitably late for her wedding but the snow took over from tradition when Alex Connor married Andrew Smith in Yorkshire at the weekend, making her an hour and a half late and providing her with a very special wedding video.

Photography by Matt Hall Photography

You’d think arranging anything from a wedding to a weekend away for the end of March you wouldn’t have to worry too much about the weather. OK, rain might be an issue but snow? Don’t be silly! It’s March!

Last weekend an unseasonably cold snap battered the UK and caused chaos for many, including Alex and Andrew Smith who’d chosen the Saturday to get married at The Priory Church at Bolton Abbey. Thankfully Alex was only an hour and a half late for the ceremony (compared to others who didn’t make it at all) and, thanks to a Tweet sent out by the venue detailing their plight saw a film crew from Sky News turn up to interview them!

‘It was unbelievable when Sky News turned up,’ says Alex. ‘And all because the place we were staying tweeted that we were struggling to get to church. I was so surprised, especially when friends in Australia said they had seen us on the news.

‘It was a bit of a shock when I got up at 8am and the hairdresser couldn’t make it to the wedding venue. She arrived two and a half hours late. I was apprehensive at that time that the bridesmaids and I would be doing our own hair. We were due to leave for church at 11.50 but the florist didn’t arrive till after 12 because of the snow. My nephew was snowed in at home and couldn’t come to church.

‘It was a really difficult week in the build-up to the wedding as my husband Andy battled to build our marquee in the driving snow at Peel Castle in Hellifield. He owns an events company so they’d agreed we could have a marquee there as a one-off. To top it off on the Saturday morning he lost the keys for the van which had the fuel in to power the marquee, which was quite worrying that we wouldn’t have a useable venue. We had booked a helicopter to pick us up after church and were also sad that this would not be happening due to the weather.

‘The wedding car had a 20 minute drive in the drifting bizzards and when we were about a mile from church it got stuck on the hill. We were due to get married at 12.30 but, an hour and a half later I was stuck in the snow in the wedding car with my dad.

‘At this point it entered my head that I might not be getting married at all. I really just wanted to get to church and see Andy and was worried how long every one had been stood in the church in the cold. I like snow, but there was no way I could walk a mile in five inch heels to church in the freezing cold!

‘Eventually the wedding car got out of the snow and we had to turn back and park up. It was strange to be going back down the road and away from church! The best man had to leave Bolton Abbey Church and come and get us in a four wheel drive. So I was bundled out of this gorgeous Rolls Royce wedding car into the best man’s car who also struggled to drive us to church. I thought wouldn’t we make it up the hill!

‘The whole day was completely out of sync, with us rushing through the day to catch up on so much lost time. More than 40 of our guests didn’t make the evening reception so our marquee never filled up.

‘But the speeches were amazing and everyone pulled together to shovel the snow at the church and at the reception, so it all turned out well in the end.

‘You would never imagine having such adverse weather conditions on your wedding day. I suppose no matter how much planning you do (emergency kits for spilt drinks, plasters, sewing kit etc) the last thing you expect is blizzards, especially when last year it was 70 degrees!

For more of Alex and Andy’s wedding album see our online gallery.

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