6 wedding swaps amid cost-of-living crisis

25 Jul 2022

Take a look at these swaps you can make without compromising on your wedding style

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Image gallery

As inflation sky-rockets and with the cost-of-living crisis an ongoing concern, couples are becoming more savvy in the wedding choices that they make. 

With weddings now exceeding £17,000 on average, it is no wonder that more and more couples are scaling back their wedding plans

Search volumes for terms such as 'micro-wedding', 'mini-moons' and 'affordable wedding flowers' have surged, and couples are becoming more and more detached from the traditional white wedding. 

Comparing Google searches from June 2019 to June 2022, Jess Martin, a wedding planning expert at Ginger Ray, shares six traditional touches that couples are swapping in order to save the pennies. 

SWAP 1: Big guest lists for micro-weddings

“As it turns out, micro-weddings aren’t just convenient during a pandemic, the smaller guest list means that costs can be kept to a minimum. Searches for ‘micro wedding’ have increased by 519%, suggesting that couples are looking to cut costs by keeping their nuptials intimate. Whether it is an elopement or a ceremony including just close friends and family, small certainly doesn’t mean less special." 


SWAP 2: Traditional decorations for multi-functional accessories

“As celebrations are shrinking, and couples are looking to cut costs, wedding decorations are having to work twice as hard. Couples are opting for decorations that are easy to DIY and move from space to space. For example, ‘wedding balloons’ have seen a 22% increase in searches. Not only are they unaffected by seasonal availability unlike flowers, but can they be easily transported while the colour and style can be matched to any scheme."

SWAP 3: Tiered wedding cakes for unique sweet treats

Searches for ‘alternative wedding cake ideas’ have increased by 129% and the treats couples are now choosing are anything but traditional. The classic three-tiered wedding cake can be a pricey option, so it is no surprise that couples are opting to replace this with their favourite puddings like cupcake towers, dessert tables and even doughnut walls, which have more than 20.9k tags on Instagram. Who said things had to be sweet; even cheese boards are being turned into tiered creations."


SWAP 4: Sit-down dinners for food trucks

“Catering for a crowd can be one of the highest costs at a wedding aside from the actual venue. Traditionally, a three-course sit-down dinner has been the most popular option however times are changing. Searches for ‘wedding food trucks’ have increased by 50% as couples opt for a more informal option. While food trucks are a cheaper option, they are no less delicious and allow couples to incorporate their favourite cuisine into their big day. From fish and chips, to pizza and even Mexican food; the options are endless." 

SWAP 5: Mini-moons for honeymoons

“Traditional honeymoons are often expensive and so it is no surprise that there has been a 124% increase in searches for ‘mini-moon’ as an alternative to a longer post-wedding trip. Mini-moons offer that all-important time together after what can often be a busy few weeks and just because it might be shorter doesn’t mean it has to be any less exciting. Whether it is an adventurous long weekend abroad or a romantic UK staycation, mini-moons are swiftly becoming the post-wedding getaway of choice."


SWAP 6: Wedding DJs for DIY playlists

“No wedding reception is complete without a good boogie on the dancefloor however searches for ‘wedding DJ’ have decreased by 18% as DIY dancing soundtracks and rented speakers are favoured over a professional on the decks. With apps like Spotify and Apple Music making entertainment easier than ever, it seems that couples are creating their playlists themselves to save a few pennies. 

“Setting aside some time to create a playlist ahead of the wedding can be a great way to create something super personal for you as a couple and will allow you to incorporate both crowd pleasers and songs special to your relationship.”

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