Six Tips to Create the Perfect Cheese Wedding Cake

03 Nov 2015

Sometimes sumptuous sponge just wont cut it if your palate is more taken with savoury delights. We offer advice on how to create a delicious picture-perfect cheese wedding cake that will look as good as it tastes



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From the soft and creamy to the rich and pungent, cheese cakes have made a grand, whiffy entrance on to the wedding scene. Switching sweet delicate flavours for those of a cheesy nature is growing ever more popular, so we asked Debbie Priestley of the West Country Cheese Co, for some top tips on how to create the perfect addition to your wedding menus.  

1. Less is more
Fight your more is better instinct thats my top tip for decorating and choosing your cheese cake. Limit yourself to three to five different cheeses and keep things simple on the decorating front too. Sometimes less is more.


2. Consider the wedding style
Think about the style of your wedding. Is it a rustic country or vintage affair? Or will you have the whole classic Downton Abbey country house thing going on? Use raffia and rustic wooden items for a countryside themed cheese cake and pick cheeses with texture and interesting colours, which adds to the look. Go for a pretty country look by choosing appropriate flowers, but dont forget to match these with the bridal bouquet.

A country house hotel on the other hand conjures up visions of elegant surroundings with beautiful rooms filled with antique furniture. Choose classic cheeses, keeping the colours light and simple and decorate with elegant cream or faded vintage pink flowers.

3. Consider size
When designing a cheese wedding cake, look at the size and diameter of each cheese. The tiers will naturally get smaller as they near the top but dont spend too much time worrying that they always have to tier up. Look at flavours, colours and textures, then think about layers and whether you want to add height to your cheese cake by using separators between the tiers. The open tiers can then be decorated with flowers and fruit. Use small tealight holders or small empty camembert boxes to great effect you can easily source yourself.

The tiered cakes always look more classic by design and give more height and grandeur to the cheeses. However, size doesnt always matter. You can make a big impact with a smaller cake by placing it on a nice tall cake stand and ensuring the table is in proportion.


4. Be careful with soft cheese
You can add softer cheeses to lower layers by putting the chosen soft cheese on a simple cake board, and then onto the separator which is placed on the cheese below. To support the cheeses above so it doesnt sit on the soft cheese, cut a circle out of the soft cheese and pop an egg-cup or small tealight holder into the hole and the hard cheese above will sit on the support and not the soft cheese.

. Choose seasonal decoration
Whether decorating cheese with seasonal fruit or beautiful flowers, try to choose colours that will complement your bridal bouquet. Fig and grapes are a perfect complement for cheeses in spring. Berries are great in summer, but be careful as the softer ones will bleed, so use some plain greaseproof paper under the berries to stop this from happening. Nuts and plums are a wonderful addition in the colder months.


6. Taste
I always think of cheeses as falling into five different types. For a good balanced cheese platter I would try and serve one from each category, as this will give a balance of taste and texture. Although, for a cheese cake which is sitting out all day and needs to be cut, this ideal doesnt always work.

Cheese varieties:
Aged and pungent
I would exclude the pungent and super-aged varieties when choosing a cake

Try to select a blue cheese; these range from intense (think Gorgonzola or Cashel blue) to medium blues, which are always a safe bet (such as Stilton and Devon blue) or opt for the milder Cornish blue

Then choose a semi-firm cheese such as a full-flavoured cheddar, or subtle but rich Manchego or Tomme de Savoie 

Mild and creamy
Mild and creamy cheeses are excellent for the top tiers of your cake, so choose something soft such as Brie, Camembert or Chaource, or a soft, fresh goats cheese

White Nancy and Dorstone are a firm favourite for the top, as they're also interestingly textured cheeses, with lovely wrinkled rinds

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