Six tasks that every bride should delegate

09 Jan 2018

Avoid getting overwhelmed with wedding planning by delegating tasks out to ease the workload - here are six chores you can cross off the to-do list

Words: Chloe Smith

Getting a wedding off the ground is a huge endeavour, and the best way to accomplish everything is through the division of labour.

Brides-to-be, some things are just not worth the effort if they end up spoiling the wedding day for you through stress and exhaustion. Instead, consider delegating part of the work to family members, friends and wedding professionals. Here is a list of tasks which are probably best left to others to worry about.

1. The finer detail

There are a lot of moving parts to a wedding that need to be synchronised so that everything works out as intended. However, planning each detail is a task that no single person can accomplish on their own, especially if they also have to walk down the aisle while looking their best. Prospective brides should focus on the big picture, and leave the minutia to friends and family, or a professional wedding planner. Figuring out the proper envelope size for the invitations, making sure there is enough parking space at the venue, compiling a list of accommodation in the area etc. are tasks that you really can afford to delegate to someone else involved.

2. Communicating with suppliers

While you'll want to be hands-on to some degree, constant phone calls to and from suppliers can prove tedious. To ensure that your voice is not hoarse from talking with the catering service for the umpteenth time, consider appointing an enterprising bridesmaid with a sharp tongue as your 'communications officer'. They can help you by passing your instructions to wedding services, as well as informing you on the current state of the proceedings.

3. The hen party

This goes without saying, but a bride should never organise her own hen party... that's what bridesmaids are for. While brides can be granted the honour to decide when and where they want the party to be held, the remaining details should be kept a secret until the day. Appoint your maid of honour as head organiser and have faith in your friends and family that they will deliver a suitably celebratory send-off into married life. 

4. Decorating the venue

Every bride wants her wedding to look the part. Unfortunately, this often leads to the situation where the bride-to-be has to micro-manage what every single detail of the venue should look like. Ladies, don't fall for this. Nobody actually wants the bride to be using garden equipment to tidy up each individual flower patch herself. It's fine to come up with an idea about the general look and feel for the wedding, but leave the details such as napkin colours, decorative lighting, ice sculptures, etc. to friends and family members whose tastes match your own.

5. Co-ordinating guests on the day

A wedding can quickly turn into a circus if guests are just left to their own devices as soon as they arrive, especially if there is ample alcohol involved. To make sure that everything proceeds smoothly, brides-to-be should designate someone to inform and direct the guests according to the plan for the evening. This involves gathering people for photography, guiding them to their designated seats, informing them about the layout of the venue, etc. Some couples even hire the services of a wedding toastmaster to do this job for them. 

6. The clean-up

The aftermath of a wedding can sometimes look like a recent battlefield: broken plates (especially after a Greek wedding) strewn across the floor, half-eaten cakes littering the table, piles of presents threatening to topple at any moment. A conscientious bride might decide to help with the clean-up in some way, but she shouldn't have to do so after an evening of dancing and laughter. Delegating someone to take care of the mess that's left behind really shouldn't be up for discussion... just make sure that the presents end up in the right car.

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