Seven wedding planning frustrations that every bride can relate to

06 Mar 2017

Common frustrations felt by brides-to-be and advice on how to overcome them

Image: Sean Locke

While one of the happiest times of your life, there is no denying that planning a wedding can be a stressful process. Here's how to deal with seven of the most common frustrations.

1. Demanding guests

When the RSVPs have been sent, you feel like a huge weight has been lifted... until the replies start rolling in. You are inundated with dietary requirements and an infinite amount of questions and accommodation issues, despite the simple instructions you supplied.

Deal with it: Every time your wedding feels like a people-pleasing exercise, put things in perspective and remind yourself that the end result will be worth it. Ensure there is a system in place to help you cope with wedding guests' demands, such as Bride's Invite Tracker and Guest Manager.

2. Personal disagreements

Arguments with your partner are inevitable, yet it can drive you mad when the one person who you think is on side with your choices, isn't. Whether it's budget constraints or guestlist disagreements, there will always be something which you don't see eye-to-eye on. 

Deal with it: Take a deep breath and talk everything through calmly and diplomatically, taking into account both sides of the argument before coming to a compromising conclusion. 

3. Interfering family members

From irritating in-laws to opinionated siblings, there are plenty of potential family members to rub you up the wrong way. Your family's opinions will undoubtedly be important to you, but when they start to push it there can seem no better option than to put your foot well and firmly down. 

Deal with it: Don't feel you have to keep everyone happy throughout the entire process. It's your day and in time, whoever is causing a problem will realise that they need to respect that. There's no need to pussy-foot around the issue when you can politely explain - in no uncertain terms - that it's your day and while you value their opinion, it's simply not your preference.

4. Articulating your vision

You have pictured your special day since you were five-years-old, but when it comes to articulating that vision you just can't find the words. When you're new to wedding planning and lack the lingo to put the wheels in motion, your ideas suddenly start to seem like an unachievable dream.

Deal with it: Use Pinterest and Instagram to create moodboards that encompass the theme and colours of the day for a crystal clear picture. Most suppliers are grateful to meet a bride-to-be who comes to them armed with inspiration; that way they can get a better idea of what you want and give you a more accurate quote. 

5. Your Pinterest obsession

You only set up the account two days ago, but already you're pinning away like a mad person. You don't feel comfortable without a phone in your hand and when you turn down a night out with your friends in favour of Pinterest, you know you've got a problem. 

Deal with it: Set yourself a quota of hours each week to log on to Pinterest and make your time online more productive by giving yourself goals. By concentrating on one moodboard at a time, you can focus your efforts on one aspect rather than 20. 

6. Weight fluctuations

Every woman has them, yet you have never noticed them more than when your wedding day is looming. With the pressure of an impending wedding comes the stresses of fitting in to your dream dress and looking the best you've ever looked... and it's never been harder. 

Deal with it: Maintain a healthy, balanced diet and journey to the gym when you can. Not only does the gym help you tone up and shape up, it improves sleeping patterns and offers a great way to let off some steam. Never strive for perfection; you want to look like you on your wedding day. Get your wedding dress measurements taken when you feel happiest in your own skin - even if this means delaying the wedding for a month or two.

7. The quest for the perfect dress

Does 'the dress' even exist? Much like your search for 'the one' before you met your partner, your wedding dress journey can present a path full of unpredictable twists and turns. The 'moment' doesn't seem to be happening for you and you just don't know where to turn next.

Deal with it: If you've got the vision, then why not get a bespoke dress made just for you? Speak to local wedding boutiques to see how they can work their magic to make your dreams come true. Alternatively, if a custom-made dress is a little out of budget, scour the internet to find a design that meets all the criteria and speak to suppliers to find out where you can try it for size. There is also a myriad of pre-loved dress websites, including Sell My Wedding and ones for charitable causes such as Brides Do Good, which offer designer gowns at a snip of the price. 

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