Seven ways to make your wedding more personal

01 Jun 2017

Want to insert a little bit of your personality into your wedding day? Here are seven tips to help you do just that

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Image gallery

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner, but sometimes your personalities and opinions can get lost in the traditional decorations, outfits, and food. Here are seven ways you can easily make your wedding a little bit more personal.

Choose your own playlist

Instead of relying on the DJ, who will probably play some cheesy classics whether you ask for them or not, make your own playlist filled with your favourite songs. You can include music that has real significance to you and your partner, and can tailor it for all the different parts of the wedding day. All you need is a laptop, MP3 player, or iPod, and a set of speakers, and you’re all set.


Project images of you and your partner

Hire out a projector and, à la Pippa Middleton and James Matthews, use it to project photographs of you and your partner. You could project the images anywhere you want, whether that’s on a wall inside the venue or against a screen outside. Make sure to include some of your oldest friends as well, so that you can all spend the night reminiscing over your younger years.


Create a unique hashtag for people to use on social media

This trend is becoming increasingly popular, so you will need to be imaginative with your hashtag to avoid matching someone else’s. A unique hashtag is not only a way of personalising your wedding; it is also a useful way to keep track of the photos from the day and anecdotes that you may have missed. You can make a big sign to let everyone know what it is, or simply add it into the wedding programme.


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Write your own vows

Writing your own vows is the ultimate personal touch to any wedding. It will give you the opportunity to tell your partner how you truly feel, and will show them how much you care. Your vows don’t have to be gushy and romantic, though; if you both have a sense of humour, you can write funny or silly vows. Just make sure that somebody is videoing the ceremony so you don’t miss out on that magical memory.


Custom cake toppers

There are loads of options for cake toppers out there. You could get somebody to custom-make your toppers so that they look exactly like you, like the ones below from Character Creations; you could get your names made out of wire, acrylic, or wood; or you could create your own at home.  The choices are endless, so make sure you choose something that truly represents you and your partner.


Use old photographs

Instead of using table numbers or place settings, why not ask your friends and families for nostalgic photos of them before the wedding and use them to indicate to their seats or tables? Another option is to create a display of old photographs, such as your parents and grandparents on their wedding days, for people to look at as they enter the venue. 


Personalised wedding favours

Create your own wedding favours instead of buying pre-made ones like sweets. Get in touch with a local artist or draw your own design, and get it turned into enamel badges, stickers, or even jewellery for people to take away with them. You could include your wedding date, caricatures of you and your partner, and items and symbols that represent your relationship. 


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