Seven tips to make you feel body confident on your wedding day

09 Jun 2016

Lessen the pressure on yourself in the run up to your wedding day, with these motivational tips in body confidence

So you have the engagement ring and wedding preparations are well underway, when all of a sudden, you do what all future brides do…. You start to think about going on a diet in preparation for the big day in order to improve your body confidence and feel better about yourself.

Stop, right there - Rachel Foy, The Food Freedom Coach, offers her advice on how you can achieve the self belief and body confidence to hold your head up high come the big day.

1. Buy a beautiful dress which fits your amazing body  

Have you put off dress shopping as you haven’t lost weight yet? Are you worried and anxious you won’t find a dress which you like or fits you and you are automatically blaming your size and shape? Stop. You want a dress which looks and feels amazing and that starts with buying one which fits you. 

Don’t blame your body if your dress feels tight, buy a dress which fits! Should your dress need taking in before the day, then you can find a seamstress to do that. Far too many brides desperately try to create an image of themselves that they feel everyone else will like. Which leads to tip #2….

2. Learn to be happy for who you are

Self acceptance and self love are so important for body confidence. Your body has been there for you every single minute of every single day, since the day you were born! She has carried on despite your judgemental comments and she has stayed with you despite your criticisms.

If you talked to someone like you talk to yourself sometimes, you wouldn’t stand for it, right? So why do we find it acceptable to talk so badly of ourselves and to ourselves? Cut her some slack and start treating yourself like your own best friend, it does wonders for your confidence knowing you have your own in-built cheerleader supporting you all the time.

3. Remember your fiancé? He loves you unconditionally

Every lump, bump and wobbly bit. When we can see ourselves through the eyes of people who really care about us and love us, we start to see a difference perspective. And I’m pretty sure that when he sees you in that stunning dress which fits your body perfectly (see tip #1), he will love you even more and feel like the luckiest man on the planet (which he is, by the way).

4. Stop weighing yourself

The scales will only tell you the numerical value of your gravitational pull. They will not tell you how beautiful, amazing and wonderful you are. Your weight is not a reflection of your self worth nor will it ever show you how much you are loved by your friends, family and future husband. Body confidence comes from the inside, it’s something you are and not something you have. Enjoy your wedding day, you are awesome just how you are!

5. Find ways to start improving your self care regime

So whether that be a bath, a new moisturiser or going for a walk, do more of that good stuff -especially when you are stuck into wedding preparations. Believing that you are worthy of your own time dramatically improves your body confidence as we take care of the things we love, don’t we?

6. Save your pennies

Use the money you are planning on spending on a diet, detox, cellulite treatment and splash out on a pamper day, spa day or something extra delightful and luxurious for your wedding. Shoes, there are always shoes; a girl can never have too many shoes!!!

7. Stand tall and breathe

It might sound strange, but often we don’t hold our heads high and this can have a big impact on not only our posture but also on how we feel about ourselves. Practise walking with a straight back, chin up and chest out. And don’t forget to breath. Breathing in deeply helps to relax you, so a great thing to practise doing to help calm the wedding day nerves.

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Cynthia 17 April 2020
I absolutely love this article! There are so many valid points made, that I think every new bride needs to read this from the moment they say Yes! The pressure in the media and magazines along with on trend dresses best suited to models, puts enormous pressure on real women with boobs, arms and hips to try to emulate what they see as perfection. Brides-to-be, need to feel loved, accepted and validated throughout the journey of 'becoming'a bride; and so our work as industry professionals, is about providing the support and encouragement that is so needed at a time when they feel so vulnerable. Cynthia Wedding Dress Designer


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