Seven Things Married Couples Would Do Differently If They Could Have Their Wedding Day Again

15 Feb 2016

Avoid novice mistakes that inexperienced couples make on their wedding day, way before the event comes around. Hancocks Bespoke Jewellers of Manchester has rounded up some tips to take on board to avoid such mishaps

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Its supposed to be one of the most memorable and magical times of your life, but deep down theres bound to be something that youd change about your wedding day if you could go back in time.

If youre set to tie the knot in 2016, youve probably already got everything planned. However, theres still a lot that you can learn from couples who have been there and done it. Usually, its the little things that make all the difference, and Hancocks Jewellers thought itd be useful for married couples who have the benefit of hindsight, of course to share a few tips to ensure that your big day is perfect down to the tiniest details.

Here are some of the things theyd do differently

1. Order your dress at least six months in advance
Even the most laidback and well-prepared bride will suffer pangs of anxiety in the weeks leading up to their wedding day. You really dont want to be worrying about something as important as your dress as the clock ticks away.

Rachel Attwell, managing director at Luella’s, says that before she became a boutique owner herself, she had no idea how long it took to get a dress ordered and this is a trap that many brides fall into, causing them undue stress.

Photo Credit: Luella
s Boudoir

The majority of weddings take place in the spring or summer so the designers are busy trying to get all of the dresses ready at the same time. Its essentially a queuing system and even though you might order your dress in November, the designer might not be able to start working on it until February in order to have the dress ready for an early summer wedding,she says.

I would allow a minimum of six months to order your dress but if you are getting married abroad or want to have some extra time to be able to choose your accessories, then I would recommend ordering your dress at least eight months in advance.

By ensuring that your dress is made and altered way ahead of your wedding, youll have one less thing to worry about as the day approaches.


2. Learn to dance

With so much to sort out, its easy to forget about your first dance as a married couple. We took to Reddit to see what the online community would change about their weddings, and a lack of dancing prowess was something that cropped up a lot.

Were not saying you need to reach professional ballroom dancing standards, but remember that all eyes will be on you and your partner once the DJ or band play the first song, so youll want to demonstrate that you have at least a bit of rhythm.

3. Book a videographer
You might have the most beautiful wedding photo album in the world, but did you miss a trick by not recording some footage? Steph Oakes (pictured below) of seems to think so.

Photo credit:

She says: I wish Id known just how priceless a videographer is on your wedding day and not spent months deliberating over it. As an ex-wedding photographer, nothing beats a set of gorgeous stills of your big day so I highly recommend investing heavily in the best photographer your money can buy, but to see it all back in action has been amazing and Im so glad we booked our videographer too.

4. Don’t underestimate the significance of your wedding rings
In similar fashion to point one, leaving things until the last minute isnt a great idea when it comes to your wedding rings. The band that you wear around your finger will be with you for the rest of your life (hopefully), so you should choose the best quality jewellery you can. This is certainly something Lee Wagstaff, a 29-year-old digital marketing executive from Salford, Manchester, advises.

He says: "Weddings are expensive and its natural that people look for areas where they can make cutbacks. However, Id suggest that you shouldnt skimp on your wedding rings after all, this is one of the only parts of the wedding day itself that stays with you for the long haul.

Choose your rings four to six months in advance and opt for something that youre happy to wear for the rest of your life. There are other far less important aspects of your wedding where you can make savings.


5. Don’t skimp on the food

You want your guests to talk about your wedding for years to come and, rightly or wrongly, the quality (and quantity) of the food on offer tends to be a major factor in how fondly they remember your big day.

Always make sure that your guests dont go too long without food. There will be parts of the day when photographs are being taken and rooms are being re-organised by staff where a bit of loitering is unavoidable, but a few appetisers being circulated on trays will help to keep everyone happy between the main meals.


6. Put more time into creating the perfect vows
Without wishing to state the obvious, theres lots to consider when planning a wedding, so much so that it is easy to forget about what is most important.

Suzanne Deller, a PR specialist from Bolton, Lancashire, married Dave in December, and urges others not to lose sight of what matters the most.

I think Id forgotten in the run-up to the wedding that the vows are the more important part of the day. We were so focused on the hubbub of organising the band, flowers, suits and dresses that the ceremony became a little overshadowed. Without a doubt it was my favourite part of the day, and Im so glad we have our wedding bands as a constant reminder,” she says.


7. Put yourselves first – it’s your big day
As weve already mentioned, you want everybody to remember your wedding for a long time, so its only natural that youll want to pull out all the stops and make a huge impression. That being said, you mustnt put other peoples happiness above your own.

In 2013, Andy Roberts, a web developer from Greater Manchester, took the novel approach of having a 10-year wedding renewal, which allowed him to learn from the mistakes he felt were made in the original ceremony and put them right.

The renewal was the best we kept control, did exactly what we wanted, got the church we wanted, when we wanted, ate where we wanted, didnt invite the people we didnt want there and in the end had a great party on our terms,” he says.

Do these pearls of wisdom resonate with you? If youre married and you had an opportunity to go back in time and change certain elements of your wedding day, what would you do differently? Tweet us at @BrideMag


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