Sensational sunset shots from wedding photographers across the UK

16 Feb 2018

A host of wedding photographers share their favourite sunset shots and detail what it is about a sunset that makes it so special

A sunset shot is magical for many reasons; not only for the spell-binding backdrop it presents, but also for the memory it creates. Framing a tender exchange between bride and groom, a sunset offers a kaleidoscope of captivating colour, soft hazy lighting and a moment never to be forgotten. Take a look at these examples from photographers across the country and discover what makes the winning formula of a sunset shot. 


"Claire and Jonathan were married at Santorini Gem. As the sun was setting, myself, my assistant and Claire and Jonathan made the short walk to the caldera edge. We grabbed the shot within five seconds, a perfect capture as the neighbouring volcanic islands were in silhouette caused by the world famous Santorini sunset, also in the background, you can make out the sunset cruise boats and the famous town of Oia clinging to the cliff. Sunset is always a winner as it's often a time where the bride and groom are alone with their photographer. For me, it's a great time of day for the light, gives everything a really nice warm glow, and as the sun is low, it really deepens shadows to add great texture to images." Matt Nicholls Photography



"This is Lee and Natalie Cunningham who were married at Beeston Manor in Lancashire on 10th September 2017. A lovely couple at a lovely venue, however it rained for most of the day and we couldn’t take any shots outside. Then, at around 7pm, it fined up and the clouds opened slightly, especially on the horizon. I saw my chance. We had about five minutes before the sun completely went down so we had to work very quickly. I used a small aperture to enhance the moody clouds and used a bit of fill flash, off camera, to illuminate the couple and they absolutely loved the image.These sort of shots are always a winner at weddings because they are very rare in the UK owing to cloud cover (and sometimes lack of it), but need to be exposed properly and quickly." Peter Anslow Photography



"Terri and Paul married on 10th September 2017 in a beautiful backyard ceremony. Unfortunately the weather had other plans and there was a relentless flow of rain throughout the day. It wasn’t until 6pm that the rain started to clear, so we headed out for photos. Suddenly the clouds broke and the most incredible golden sunset appeared out of nowhere... talk about perfect timing. Sunsets are by far the most beautiful light to shoot in, giving every photo the most dreamy, ethereal look. We were so incredibly lucky to witness a sunset that day and capture its glory." Lauren Seabrook at SungBlue



"This shot was taken at Abbey and Dan’s wedding at the Riverside Marquee in Bray in September 2017. Sometimes beautiful natural light can be hard to find on a rainy and overcast day. On Abbey and Dan’s wedding day a storm was forecast, just at the time we were planning to do their group photographs. Luckily, it held off until everyone sat down for the wedding breakfast, and remarkably it cleared just as the speeches ended, at which point a gorgeous streak of golden light emerged and cast itself along the grassy area by the river – so we ran outside and made some gorgeous images in the grounds." Becky Harley Photography



"Caroline and Ray got married in March 2017 at Saunton Sands in North Devon. Their ceremony started at 11am, so by midday they were already husband and wife. This meant that the 'normal' wedding schedule was earlier than normal. By the relatively early sunset time, speeches were done and the sky was turning all sorts of colours. We headed down to the beach and took full advantage of the moment. In this instance I opted for a silhouette approach, having the setting sun cast light behind them. This allows the sky to become a part of the image, creating texture and layers." Lee Maxwell



"It had been a drizzly July day when I met Lauren and Ashley for their engagement shoot. Just as we had finished the skies cleared and the sun came out. We quickly did this shot before it disappeared and I used a glass prism in front of the lens to get the reflection. This was the last shot of the session and one of my favourites. When I’m at a wedding I always keep an eye on the sun setting and if time allows I will whip the happy couple outside for a few minutes into the beautiful warm light." Fiona Forwood Photography



"When it comes to wedding sunset shots, it is difficult to find a more romantic and stunning setting than Goza, Malta. This image simply summed up Annez and Gio's destination wedding day on the Salt Pans of Goza. We simply love sunset shots at weddings as they really capture the romance of the day." Andre & Suzanne Axford-Byers, Belle Momenti



"This was taken at Aaron and Helen's wedding at Barnham Broom in Norwich in 2017. I had used the field at a previous wedding; the field had been cut last time so this time it was just perfect. We came away from the evening party and just before the first dance to capture my personal favourite, the sunset shot; it all came together perfectly with no direction from myself, just love." Simon Watson Photography



"This photo was taken close to a lake at Blickling Hall in North Norfolk. I saw this incredibly beautiful light and the sky reflected in the water and knew it would make for an amazing portrait of the bride and groom. I gave the happy couple very little direction, beyond where to stand, as I wanted to let them enjoy a quiet moment together. A romantic embrace, at last light, as the sun sets on your wedding day is a wonderful moment and one you can look back on, for years to come, through your wedding photography." Rob Dodsworth Photography



"In the busy hustle of a wedding day, there is not always time or weather that permits us to stop and enjoy a sunset as we perhaps normally would. Which is why, when possible, I aim to soak up every ounce of magic it offers. In this image we were standing in the Gardens of Cain Manor, finishing up the group shots of friends and family. The sun, dipped behind the golf green, lighting up moments of endearments all around me. With the posed shots finished, everyone was immersed in excited chatter and melodies of laughter. There was not a more beautiful way of capturing this moment, than to have the golden sun glinting off people's smiles and dancing round the edges of their happy faces." Ella Smeddles, F&S Wedding Photography



"Sunrise and sunset are often known as the magic hours within photography, and for good reason. This is when the light can be very flattering and when nature can lend a helping hand. No two sunsets are the same, from soft golden hues to dramatic colours and clouds and backdrops; it is a great way to get a truly unique photograph. It is a fantastic way to add drama, colour and romance to your wedding photography. It is also a great time for you both, as you will have relaxed after having had some food and a glass of champagne." Briana Drury Photography



"This is a one of those wonderful serendipitous moments that only documentary photography can capture. We were actually on our way to a near by cornfield to shoot when the sun appeared and created this warm, golden light; a wedding photographer's dream. I find taking time later in the day allows the bride and groom a quiet moment together to reflect on their day, and the beauty of a sunset is the most perfect backdrop. It allows me to capture beautiful, relaxed shots that really portray the connection, love and emotion between the couple and the day as a whole." Kevin Fern Photography



"Frankie and Will’s tipi wedding at Greenwood Grange, Dorchester. It’s Golden Hour when the light is at its most rich; it’s softer and kinder on skin details, the colour temperature recorded by cameras is warmer. On top of that, it’s that natural timeline of the day: the ceremony has been done, the main formalities are out of the way and it’s time to kick back, enjoy the moment, and watch the sun go down while capturing the last picture opportunities. Then switch the pace for the evening celebrations, embracing the dark and partying hard." Linus Moran Photography



"I photographed Katrina & Dave's wedding at Notley Tythe Barn in Buckinghamshire and we managed to see one of the best sunsets in August last year. After a few evening portraits we started to make our way back to the venue when suddenly the most amazing and vibrant sky lit up behind us. We quickly walked up the field and were totally mesmerised by the colours and beauty of the sky. The sunset lasted only a few minutes but luckily we were in the right place at the right time." Eneka Stewart Photography



"The picture was taken in El Teide National Park in Tenerife at the attitude of 2500m asl. We were coming back from the photo session in the highest part of the park and saw this stunning sunset. We were above the clouds, which made this moment and image so special. For me, sunset shots are always a winner at weddings as you always end up with some creative images." Martin Dabek Photography



"This was one of those incredible parts of the country where the sea meets the land meets the sky. This was taken on the banks of the River Deben in Suffolk where the wedding was held. This was a rustic farm wedding with lots of glamour and elegance thrown in. We had planned a few shots through out the day and I suggested that if there was a sunset, there would be an opportunity to something a bit special. I knew what we could get but I loved the look on the couples’s faces when I showed then the back of the camera, it really was a spectacular end to the day." James Davidson Photography



"Sunsets always bring out the beauty of the environment, but also of the couple. Golden Hour is always such warm light; I get super excited in that little bit of time to capture something intimate or breath-taking. These oak trees were calling to me. For a bit more oomph, I used my phone to reflect the scene in the lower half of the frame." Fiona Walsh Photography



"I love this image because I know it is real, it is genuine, and it shows the magic of the most beautiful light of the day. We worked hard to get this, at the venue, Merley House in Dorset, the sun was already below the tress, so we had to nip over a fence in to the neighbouring field. The bride and groom were alone, I was unobtrusively in the distance, and I waited patiently for something magical like this to happen." Robin Goodlad Photography



"This shot was taken at a destination wedding in Marrakech in August. The bride and groom were arriving at their evening reception venue just as the sun was setting. They’d been camel riding on the outskirts of Marrakech in the Sahara desert and the groom led the camel with his bride over the square to their reception venue, which was the amazing Palais Soleiman in Marrakech. There, they were greeted by Moroccan wedding musicians and then received their guests to ring in the Indian wedding traditions. What a way to make an entrance at your wedding." Maria Assa



"I could see the sunset happening while the speeches were on. Looking out the glass doors the tops of the trees were turning golden and the clouds were starting to turn pink. It was a stormy sky but I didn't know quite how dramatic it would look until we got outside. I could feel my nerves jangling as with every fibre I willed the best man to finish his speech. Sunsets only last for 10 minutes and we had to get outside. I helped Zia and Andy run the gauntlet of guests and took them to the back of the venue. I needed a little flash to help balance the light so that the sky would look dramatic and Ady & Zia would look their best. I wanted them small in the frame to emphasize the drama in the sky. I think we nailed it." Kevin Belson Photography



"A stunning sunset on your wedding day is a celebration itself. You can only hope for it and when you get it, it’s a perfect opportunity to spend some magical time together and see out your day in style. This photo taken at The Hartnoll Hotel in Devon tells the moment beautifully. From experience, I knew we were only going to have a few minutes window to get some beautiful photos as the sun went racing down. By asking the couple to “take some time to themselves” at the bottom of the garden, it made for the perfect image." Alex Toze Weddings

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