Sanyukta Shrestha - The Eco Friendly Bridal Designer

24 Jun 2011

Sanyukta Shrestha - The Eco Friendly Bridal Designer

A Tale of Sanyukta Shrestha

London based bridal wear designer Sanyukta Shrestha has been regarded as the fast rising star and the driving force behind the industry’s future by the British media and the industry alike. Born in Nepal, she has been awarded best designer several times in Nepal and international beauty pageants, since the year she started her design journey at the age of 17. A graduate of London College of fashion, she worked for bridal design and retail industry in the UK for 5 years before setting up her own label. With her fresh and beautiful approach on her design, she has brought the fresh breath of air to the British bridal industry.

Image gallery

Image gallery

Sanyukta’s collection aims to create a new vision for bridal, one that combines an eco-friendly approach with the exclusiveness and hand-crafted luxury, expected of the most desirable bridal gowns & millinery: the whole collection is driven by a ‘LOVE GREEN-BELIEVE IN ETHICS’ ethos. Most of the fibres used in the collection of hats, fascinators and accessories are wild fibres which are skilfully hand spun and hand loomed by village women in Nepal. Through blending sustainability with her ethical believes, Sanyukta intends to create opportunities for women in this area of the world, by merging and turning their traditional skills into delicate fabrics and exquisite designs. Sanyukta’s bridal collection goes beyond the one special occasion, they are artistically made and valued as collectable pieces of sustainably hand-made, hand woven and hand crafted products. Each style within this exquisite collection follows ecologically green guidelines, with fabrics from ethical and fair trade certified manufacturers. The making of each pieces is also equally considered, using beautifully tactile eco fabrics of soft hemp silk, 100% bamboo, 100% wild nettle, wild hemp, organic silk, soya, banana, 100% organic & fair-traded cotton, hand loomed in Nepal and handmade in the UK.

Beauty of the collection:

Exclusive and Unique: Hand spun, hand-woven, hand-embroidered, and hand-made from beginning to the finished products. Combining these elements with figure flattering silhouettes with her unique designs, Sanyukta’s collection is naturally exclusive and unique. The ethical and ecological aspect of her collection in no way means that the designer has compromised in styling or luxury. After receiving fabric, the designer allows it to speak for itself. She doesn’t sketch until the fabric has been twisted and turned to desired level of tactility. This provides the pieces in the collection with uniqueness and exclusivity.

Affordable & Multifunctional: Affordability seems to be impossible for luxury market where as Sanyukta’s collection now creates a balance between two and proves it to be utterly possible. At present, natural & sustainable fabrics are still at least five times as costly to produce as comparable fabrics from cotton or man-made fibre. Costly to produce – and therefore costly to buy: hemp, bamboo, nettle clothes and textiles are still out of too many people’s reach. Sanyukta aims to make her products affordable so that the brides can enjoy the beauty and benefit of these most Earth-friendly fibres. To promote broader market appeal, and to help keep prices under control, Sanyukta’s collection focus on classic looks with multifunctionality in each designs, which makes her each design desirable as well as versatile. Each Sanyukta Shrestha gown can create at least 2-3 looks.

Beauty Behind: Health & Environment

‘Let’s be beautiful and create beauty around us!’

It is hard to conjecture that Sanyukta Shrestha’s luxurious and intricate bridal millinery pieces are made of a prickly plant (Nettle) from the foothills of the Himalayas. Nettle is generally not associated with luxury or wedding. However, the London based designer aims to change pre-conceptions and revolutionise the bridal industry by using these wild fibres in her designs.

The fabrics used have been specially sourced from villages in Nepal. Local villagers painstakingly collect nettle and hemp from community forests in controlled amount, so as not to adversely affect the ecological balance. Chemicals are shunned in favour of traditional bleaching agents like ash to treat the plant. The fibre is eventually hand-spun into fabrics by the villagers.

Sanyukta’s collection also caters to those brides who suffer from severe reactions like Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Those brides who react adversely to chemically treated clothes will find stylish options in Sanyukta’s gowns, millinery and accessories. Some of the fibres like hemp, bamboo, soya used in the collection are resistant to UV light, mold, mildew, salt water and abrasion. Fabric like bamboo has anti-bacterial properties, which makes it extremely suitable for healthy clothing, especially for sensitive skins.

Ethics Behind:


Hand spun: It is one of the interesting and difficult phases in fabric making process. Fabrics like wild nettle and hemp used specially in hats are hand-spun by villagers in Nepal. Sanyukta’s decision to use these wild natural fibres in her collection underlines her commitment to environment and development.

Hand loomed: The hand loomed bamboo fibres and organic cottons used for gown collection are sourced from Nepalese villagers and local women who tirelessly weave these natural fibres with great amount of energy and patience. Besides, every other fabric used in the collection comes from certified ethical and fair-traded suppliers in England.

Hand Embroidered: Hand embroidery pieces are hallmarks in Sanyukta’s collection. A team of 15 skilled embroidery artisans works with Sanyukta, under her supervision to create stunning unique pieces. No child labour has been used.

Handmade: Art, craft and fashion come together when Sanyukta creates these sensuously beautiful gowns and accessories to the brides. Sanyukta maintains a respect for genuine artisan values which also inspires the hand-made focus in Nepal as well as in England. The integrity of Nepalese’s natural textile heritage is fundamental to Sanyukta’s production process. Her internationally trained couturiers in Nepal and in England are very skilled and understand her vision for her bride. Sanyukta’s collection exemplifies the purity & excellence of Nepalese & English craftsmanship cohesively.

Contact details:

Sanyukta Shrestha

Ph: +44(0)2085825556


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