The rise of the bridezilla

17 Jun 2016

New research by One4all Gift Card has discovered that more than 35% of brides won't let their future husbands make any decisions about the wedding

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British brides-to-be are becoming increasingly dominant and secretive when it comes to wedding planning.

Grooms are being cut out of wedding planning and aren’t trusted by their future wives to make decisions on their own, according to new findings.

Recent research conducted by One4all Gift Cards, in which 2,235 UK adults were surveyed, has unearthed the following statistics:

  • 1 in 3 brides won’t let their future husbands make any decisions
  • 1 in 5 brides fibbed to their fiancée about the cost of something at their wedding
  • Just half of grooms decided on their bestman or groomsmen without their fiancée’s input  


Only 50% of grooms had a say on who attended the wedding and contributed to the guest list, while brides were even less willing to allow the groom to decide on what the bride wore, who were the bridesmaids were, flowers, the cake and decor.

With more and more brides confessing to lying to their other half, the survey also found that 37% of those who had lied said it was the cost of the wedding dress that they kept from their partners. One in 4 said they had fibbed about the price of their shoes.

Brighton was found to be the home for the most controlling brides in the UK, followed by Plymouth and Norwich.

Despite these behaviours, the research found that the tradition of the bride’s family footing the bill for the wedding is dying out - 23% of married couples say they paid for their wedding themselves, while 11% of groom’s parents contributed to the wedding either equally or more than the bride’s.

Aoife Davey, marketing manager at One4all Gift Cards, said: “It’s interesting to see how modern newlyweds are planning their nuptials, and how the majority of the decisions now sit with the bride.

“Weddings are traditionally all about the bride, and still are to some extent, but now that grooms and their families are investing financially in the wedding, it seems only fair that they should get some say in what happens on the day and who attends.”

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