Research reveals drop in popularity of church weddings

25 Jan 2018

From church weddings to wearing a veil, new research has investigated the changes in wedding traditions and trends 

Image: Redd Angelo via Unsplash

New research from jewellery insurance provider Protect Your Bubble has unveiled the dramatic shift in wedding traditions and trends over recent years. It shows that despite the waning in popularity of certain traditions, others are coming back into fashion.

For example, 55% fewer couples got married in churches in the last five years than they did 40+ years ago. There has also been a sharp decline in the number of couples that expect the brides’ parents to pay for the wedding, which was down by 68%; furthermore, the number of couples choosing to live separately until their wedding day has gone down by 78%.

In contrast, however, the tossing of the bridal bouquet has risen in popularity with 94% more couples choosing to honour the tradition in the last five years compared to five to 10 years ago. During the same period, 71% more couples followed the tradition of the bride being given away, and the number of brides wearing white rose by 13%. Additionally, the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride on their wedding day rose in popularity by 41%, and 12% more brides chose to wear a veil.

It’s not just the wedding itself that’s seeing a change in trends, however; the trends around rings appear to be shifting over time too. Although demand for diamond engagement rings had been in decline for decades, in the last five years 145% more couples opted for diamond engagement rings compared to five to ten years ago. Interest in gold and platinum rings had also been dwindling, but the number of couples choosing bands made of those metals increased by 61% over the same period.

James Brown, director at gadget insurance provider Protect Your Bubble, says: “Although you might expect to see couples turning away from wedding traditions as time goes on, our research actually shows that a significant number of seemingly old-fashioned rituals are bouncing back in popularity.

“While demand for diamond engagement rings rose dramatically following a marketing campaign launched by De Beers in 1938, diamonds had since seen a downturn in interest amongst couples. In the last five years, however, this trend reversed, which just goes to show how cyclical wedding rituals can be.

“Regardless of the stone or metal, engagement and wedding rings are bound to hold significant sentimental value. To prevent potential upset should anything happen to either yours or your partner’s rings, you should take out a comprehensive insurance plan protecting from theft, loss and damage.”

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