Put a ring on it! How to choose the perfect engagement ring

15 May 2014

Put a ring on it! How to choose the perfect engagement ring

You’re ready to pop the question – now it’s time to start shopping for the ring. Debbie Fletcher advises you on how to find that all-important engagement ring.

Don’t jump the gun with this decision, the engagement ring is a hugely important piece of jewellery as it’s what the bride will be wearing her entire life. It’s such a special item, you definitely don’t want to get anything wrong. But how do you know you’re choosing the right ring? Well we’ve put together some great tips to ensure you’re on the right lines:


Do your research

The fact you’re reading this article is a good start, but the next thing you’ll want to start doing is visual research. Look around at other wedding websites such as Berketex Bride and take a look at the current trends and the current styles that are in fashion. You’ll want to make sure you’ve window shopped before you take the dive into the deep end.


Talk to her family and friends

Talk to your bride’s family and friends and find out first hand what she loves and what she hates. Her mum, her sister, her best friend – these are all the kinds of people you need to be chatting to (on the sly of course!) There’s a good chance your bride has mentioned in passing to one of these women the kind of ring she’d like, so they should be able to point you in the right direction.


Look at her Pinterest board

Does your wife have a Pinterest board? If so – she may have pinned some engagement rings that she likes the look of. If you can take a look at her taste on websites like Pinterest, you can’t go far wrong! It’s your secret key to picking her dream ring!


Decide on the metal

This is another important choice, and something you’ll probably be able to decide on simply by looking at your bride’s current jewellery selection. Does she wear a lot of gold, or does she prefer silver? If she’s more of a silver person – then opting for a white gold engagement ring (or platinum) might be a safer choice. If she doesn’t wear much jewellery, then this is another question you can direct towards her friends or family. Read in more detail about the various metals available (and why you’d like them) here.


Choose the right size

Size matters – and when you’re down on one knee popping the question you need the ring to actually fit her finger when she says yes! Take a sneak around her current ring collection, and take one out that she doesn’t often use. She won’t notice it missing for a day while you find out the measurements. That way, you’ll know you’ve got the right size too and won’t need to worry about any awkward situations later.


Choose a good jeweller

Make sure you buy your ring from a reputable jeweller and make sure the ring is returnable. I know this is a little pessimistic – but if it comes to the worst and she doesn’t like the design you chose, it can always be exchanged for one she’d prefer. This is thinking ahead to the maximum – and you’ll earn brownie points for it should that situation actually present itself.


Consider your finance’s interests and personality

If she’s an understated woman, then choose a ring that reflects this. If she loves outdoors activities or extreme sports, ensure the ring is fixed and durable, so it won’t fall apart or become unfixed in those situations. Platinum is more durable than gold, so that may be a safer option if she uses her hands a lot in her day job, or hobbies.


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