GUESS the value of Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding tiara...

23 Sep 2021

Find out the value of Princess Eugenie's wedding tiara, and the collective cost of a host of royal tiara collections around the world

Image: ITV ‘This Morning at the Royal Wedding’ broadcast

With the news that the diamond bracelets belonging to Marie Antoinette, the last Queen of France before the revolution, will be sold at auction in November with an estimated price tag of $2-4million, and jewellers Seven Stone have analysed the most expensive royal tiaras.

From Princess Eugenie's Greville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara (pictured), to the Netherlands' Queen Máxima's Dutch Star tiara, which she wore to her wedding in 2002, the cost of these jewelled accessories is not for the faint-hearted.

Looking at a collection of royal tiaras for each country, the experts at analysed the most recent royal weddings in the last 100 years to calculate the rankings. 

The United Kingdom and the Netherlands came out on top, with their three most recent tiaras totalling £17,000,000.

The wedding pieces worn by Meghan Markle, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice comprised the tiara collection for the UK, with Princess Eugenie's tiara valued at £10million alone. Meghan and Beatrice's tiaras were borrowed from Queen Elizabeth, who inherited them from her grandmother, Queen Mary. Meghan's bandeau tiara has been valued at £2million, while Beatrice's diamond fringe tiara is estimated to cost £5million. 

The full rankings of royal tiara collections can be found below: 

1. UK: Queen Mary Bandeau tiara (Meghan Markle), Greville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara (Eugenie), Queen Mary's Diamond Fringe tiara (Beatrice) = £17,000,000

2. Netherlands: Dutch Star tiara (Queen Máxima), the Wüttemberg tiara (Queen Beatrix), Rose Cut Diamond Bandeau (Queen Juliana) = £17,000,000

3. Norway: Diamond Daisy Bandeau (Mette-Marit), Vasa tiara (Martha), Queen Maud’s Diamond tiara (Maud) = £15,500,000

4. Denmark: Crown Princess Mary’s wedding tiara (Mary), the Khedive of Egypt tiara (Queen Margrethe II), the Rundell tiara (Alexandra) = £11,000,000

5. Belgium: Queen Elisabeth of Belgium’s Art Deco Bandeau (Mathilde), the Spanish Wedding Gift tiara (Fabiola), Belgian Scroll tiara (Josephine-Charlotte) = £10,600,000

6. Spain: The Fleur de Lys tiara (Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg), the Marichalar Meander tiara (Elena María), Prussian Diamond tiara (Queen Letizia) = £7,500,000

7. Sweden: Palmette tiara (Sofia), Modern Fringe tiara (Madeleine), Cameo tiara (Victoria) = £5,050,000

8. Liechtenstein: Kinsky Honeysuckle tiara (Angela), Diamond Savoy Ivy tiara (Maria-Pia), Hapsburg Fringe tiara (Marie) = £1,850,000

The full study can be found here

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