Pre-Wedding Pampering: 8 Things You Need To Remember

17 Feb 2021

Make sure you de-stress before the wedding with this guide to pampering treats 

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Planning a wedding can be an exciting and joyous  if often stressful - time. From guest lists to seating plans, last-minute cancellations and other hiccups, it can be easy to forget to prioritise you amongst all your planning. 

To get the most out of your wedding experience, you should remember to set aside time to enjoy this momentous time in your life. You can achieve this in many different ways – from at-home spa treatments to mindfulness practices. What you choose to do is ultimately up to you, and what you will enjoy the most.  

Here are a few of the things you should remember in the run-up to your wedding to help you relax and enjoy the day.  


Start Preparing A Wedding Memory Box 
A wedding box is a brilliant way to build memories from the big day. What you put into your wedding box depends on you and your spouse, but many couples choose to create a box of memories of the wedding and run up that they can look back on together. Saving it to open on your first wedding anniversary can be a sweet way to recreate your wedding and recapture the magic of the day. You can get a start on this in the run-up to the wedding by deciding what you’ll be putting in it and getting everything ready. You might include a bottle of the wine to be served at the wedding breakfast, a slice of cake, pressed flowers from the bouquet and wedding favours. Whatever you choose this is a poignant way to prepare for your wedding by imagining future anniversaries. 


Memory is closely tied to our sense of smell. You could consider getting a bespoke fragrance for your wedding day – or even one for your wedding dayone for the week running up, and one for the honeymoon. The options are limitless, but having a signature scent for your big day will be an excellent way to create strong and lasting memories. After the wedding, you can then place each of the fragrances in your wedding memory box and take them out on special occasions to inhale the gorgeous scents and be transported back to your wedding day.  Something calming and relaxing could be perfect for the run-up to the big day. You might consider lavender which is excellent for relaxation, or rosemary, which can give a much-needed energy boost.  


Don’t Forget Your Smile 
Many brides overlook their teeth when it comes to wedding prep, prioritising hair, make-up and other beauty treatments instead. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to get a photo-ready smile from home in the days running up to the wedding. You could incorporate your dental care into your general facial routine in the days running up to the wedding. An at-home teeth whitening treatment is perfect for any bride to ensure that your smile is as bright and beautiful as possible. Check out Crest Whitestrips from Eurowhite, one of the most effective at-home teeth whitening treatments out there.  


Get A Massage 
No pampering session would be complete without a massage. This is the perfect way to de-stress when things start to get on top of you. You might consider setting aside an hour or two the day before your wedding to get yourself a full body massage. This will help leave you radiant and serene for the big day. A massage could be the best way to celebrate when all of your planning is done and dusted to give yourself some time to unwind.  

Pre-Wedding Skincare Routine  
Having a good skincare routine is essential at any time but even more so in the run-up to your wedding. You will have all eyes (and cameras) on you for your big day so pampering your skin is a must. Consider getting advice from a beauty therapist on the best skincare routine for your skin type and specific requirements. Having a well thought out skincare routine in place for the weeks running up to the wedding will help you and your skin look and feel amazing.  You could consider having a facial the day before along with your bridesmaids, as an excellent way to create memories and have some much-needed girl time.  

Be Mindful 
It is easy to get caught up in the planning and organisation of a wedding and to forget to stop and enjoy the experience. Set aside a time each day, whether it’s a few minutes or an hour, to stop and sit with your emotions. Allow yourself to enjoy the anticipation and be in the moment. A wedding is a huge life milestone, and you will want to be able to make memories with a clear head, rather than a blur of decision making and organising. Mindfulness is a good practice for weeks and even months before the wedding. Whether you’re at the cake tasting or a dress fitting, you could try to remind yourself to be in the moment and truly savour your experiences.  

Nourish Your Nails 
A perfect wedding look needs the perfect manicure. You could make an appointment at the nail salon for a professional pampering manicure to ensure that your nails look fresh and healthy on the big day. The right nail polish is essential to complement your overall wedding look. The colour you choose will depend on your preferences, but a classic nude shade is always a good choice for a wedding, or you could add a splash of colour by matching your nails to the colours of your flowers.  

Treat Your Hair 
Your wedding hairstyle will likely include a blowout and hot styling tools, so it’s vital to ensure that your hair is as healthy and strong as possible before the wedding. A good pre-wedding hair routine should include at-home treatments as well as salon care. You could invest in a luxurious hair mask that you treat your hair with at home, and a silk hair wrap to keep your hair smooth and silky overnight. You might consider going to the hairdresser to have a scalp massage and hair treatment along with your pre-wedding haircut. Giving your locks a boost will leave them shiny and silky smooth for your wedding day.  


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