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Planning your honeymoon

01 Mar 2014

Planning your honeymoon

With considered planning your honeymoon could be one of the most romantic and exciting trips of your life but, done in haste, it could also be one of the worst.  read on for our top tips on planning your honeymoon.

With considered planning your honeymoon could be one of the most romantic and exciting trips of your life but, done in haste, it could also be one of the worst.

You really don’t want to be underwhelmed and disappointed by your choices, so if you are a pair of lazy travellers pull your socks up and plan something you’ll never forget.

So, let’s start at the very beginning with that small matter of money.

Traditionally the groom was expected to plan and pay for the honeymoon, often leaving the destination a surprise. But fellas, plan a honeymoon in Bognor instead Barbados and your holiday could be short-lived and very badly received.

It is most common these days for couples to plan and pay for their honeymoon themselves.

If this is you, then you will have to set a realistic budget for the trip and start saving money in a special account so that it doesn’t end up going on groceries and trips to the pub.

Other options include taking out a short term low interest loan which you can realistically pay back quickly, or to ask for travel vouchers or money as wedding gifts.

Once you have set a budget and worked out how you will be able to afford and pay for a honeymoon, the real fun begins.

The world is full of so many fabulous destinations that it could be a while before you come to a decision.

In relation to your budget you should think about the type of holiday you’d like. These could include:

1 Sun, sea and sand at a European beach resort

2 An adventure holiday in the Pyrenees

3 Diving in countries such as Egypt

4 Being a cowboy at a ranch in America

5 Wine-tasting at a French vineyard

6 Sampling gastronomic delights on a cooking holiday

7 The luxury of a spa resort

8 Sight-seeing in a historical city such as Rome

When you have decided on the style of holiday you’d like then factor in the destination. It doesn’t have to be typically romantic, as long as it is somewhere that appeals to both of you then you’ve made the right decision.

Also, think about what different countries and cities will be like at the time of year you’d like to visit.

Some places have low seasons where lots of activities shut down, there are hurricane and flooding seasons in some countries at different points of the year, and the peak season (when prices are higher) may differ from area to area.


Booking it up

There are two ways to arrange your honeymoon, both of which have their pros and cons.

Firstly you could book through an approved agent, who will do all of the legwork for you. Not only will they be able to give you destination advice and ideas, but they will book, chase and confirm flights, transfers, hotels and activities in advance for you.

This really takes the headache out of honeymoon planning and is the recommended route if you are the type of couple who like to have a plan.

If, however you have more of a sense of adventure, plenty of time on your hands and want to save money, then a DIY honeymoon is the way forward.

This will involve researching areas to stay and visit, searching the internet for hotels and flights, and investigating and booking excursions and activities yourself.

The DIY honeymoon allows for more impulsiveness and flexibility, but a downside is that there is no holiday ‘rep’ or advisor to go to if things go horribly awry.


Perfect planning

There are a few bits and pieces that will have to be tidied up and sorted out before you can be sure that your honeymoon will run smoothly.

About three or four months before the voyage do the most important thing and ensure your passports are current and up to date with their details. This is particularly important if the bride is taking the groom’s name as the Passport Agency must be aware of this change.

Your accommodation and flights should be booked, and if you are going on a tropical adventure you’ll need to see your doctor to be advised of all of the vaccinations you may need.

Another important thing to remember is to pay out for comprehensive travel insurance that will cover every eventuality.

A few weeks before the honeymoon you should have all activities, flights and hotels confirmed in writing, your currency should have been ordered, all tickets, passports and licenses should be present and correct, and you should definitely think about packing.

If you are heading off the day after your reception then arrangements must also be made for someone to gather your wedding gifts from your reception and safely deliver them to your house.


Top tips

1 Try not to plump for last-minute deals. You may be unpleasantly surprised at the results.

2 Don’t skimp too much. This is your honeymoon, so a little extravagance should be allowed.

3 Plan all of your trips and activities in advance to avoid disappointment.

4 Build plenty of spending money into your budget so you can indulge yourselves.

5 When making bookings tell agents that you are on honeymoon to see if you can get any special deals or extras.

6 Have written confirmation of everything.



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