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Never too late for love: Planning a wedding for the second time

01 Feb 2022

Say hello to Louise Jones from South Wales, our new bridal blogger, who is set to document her wedding to partner Stephen Evans over the coming months

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Well, well, well, who would have thought it? At 38-years-old, 20 years after my first wedding (including 15 years of marriage, five house moves, one awesome daughter and a mad puppy), I’ve moved into a new family home with an amazing man. Plus, we’ve decided that seeing as we like each other quite a bit, why not make each other laugh every day ‘til death us do part’? Several years ago, I would never have imagined this happening – and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Future hubby and I have been together for just over four years now, but have known each other and been friends for much longer. The last few years have thrown a few ups and downs our way, not least because of his front line work for the NHS during the pandemic. It was a hugely stressful time, but he’s remained positive throughout the whole thing – looking after our families and calming me down when I’ve been on the ceiling with worry. We support, respect and love each other, act like daft kids together, and go off on our random travels together. We are best mates, and I wouldn’t want to share any of those things with anyone else.



And now to the BIG question… the proposal. Some drop the ring into a champagne glass during a romantic dinner; some have the words sky-written among the clouds; some arrange a circus of brass bands, animals and lip-syncing family members to shake their choreographed booties in a town-wide proposal extravaganza to the tune of Bruno Mars. Each to their own… but for us? Ours was perfect.

Christmas morning 2021, still in our festive PJs, sat around the tree opening presents. I was handed a gift card sized envelope (here we go I thought, an Amazon gift card – imaginative!), but inside was a beautiful message, along with the words “Will you marry me?”. As I turned, astounded, there he was – on one knee, holding the ring and asking me to be his wife. It was a personal, quiet, intimate proposal shared with our eldest daughter and we couldn’t wait to tell the two little ones and the rest of our families.



There aren’t many times in your life where someone will ask you something so huge, something that will change your future forever. For me, personally, once the initial shock, happy tears and excitement quietened down, I realised how much of a huge deal the proposal was.

As a couple of divorcees, getting married a second time isn’t something that you NEED to do - we’d both gone through divorce, we have three amazing children between us, we’ve recently bought our first home together – is being officially wed to each other going to really change anything? Not necessarily, but for me the proposal says so much.

He’s choosing me over everyone else (despite my need to organise, research anything and everything, and ask annoying questions over the top of the film we’re watching), and he’s choosing me as his partner to help raise his children. He’s decided that I’m the person he wants to get old and grey and wrinkly with; the person whose face he wants to see every day of his life. And by saying ‘yes’ I’ve shown him that I’m choosing him for all of the same reasons, and that’s an amazing thing!



So, here I am, second time on the bridal merry-go-round and it’s been so long since the first time that it seems like a lifetime ago. With so many questions buzzing around my head I took a brief peek into the modern wedding world, and I’m not afraid to say – I’m pretty terrified. So much has changed since 2002 and there are an overwhelming amount of different options now beyond the traditional white wedding.

Destination wedding? Eco-friendly nuptials? What are the trends these days? Are there new ‘must-dos’ for the ‘I dos’? At the minute I have no idea, but I’m really excited to find out. What I do know now is that whatever our wedding ends up being, it will be just like our proposal – not everyone’s cup of tea, but perfect for us.

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