Pins and Stripes

24 Jan 2014

Pins and Stripes

Pins and Stripes

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Why get married in a suit that’s been to more weddings than you have?

The Problem

How can you spot the groom, usher or best man who’s wearing a rented wedding suit?

Easy. He’ll be the one who looks as if he’s wearing a rented suit.

Anyone who’s ever been married, been part of the groom’s wedding party or served his time as an usher, groomsman, father of the groom or best man will have a story to tell about The Hired Suit.

Outfits that make you look like you’re going to a High School prom somewhere in Ohio circa 1974. Trousers that hide your shoes. Trousers that show your socks. Shirts that refuse to button up at the neck. Waistcoats that threaten to explode at any moment.

And it’s not cheap. You can spend a great deal of money….and time…going down the rental route and still look like The Man In The Hired Suit.

None of which is ideal, or right, or proper for a truly special day and one when you’ll want to look and feel at your very best.

The Solution

Pins & Stripes have broken new ground in bringing the finest bespoke tailoring within reach of the many, not just the few. Now we’re introducing wedding wear of the same impeccable quality and style, at prices that make renting seem like, well, a waste of money.

All our cloths are 100% wool or wool and cashmere blends and come from the esteemed and long-established manufacturer - Holland & Sherry. We also stock exquisite Italian cloths from the best providers.

We can arrange for a Tailoring Director to visit the wedding party at home or work. If you’d prefer you can bring the party to our Savile Row premises for a measuring and toast the occasion with a glass or two of champagne.

This is a bespoke service. You get to have it your way.

You can choose from a virtually limitless range of unique finishing touches.

We will sew the date and occasion into linings. We can even print from supplied photographs onto suit and waistcoat linings. We can match waistcoats to the bride’s wedding dress. In short, whatever you want, we’ll do our very best to accommodate it.

All clothing will be delivered to you in high-quality personalised suit carriers with wooden hangers.

It all means that, on the day, you’ll have a suit that you’re proud to wear and one that for years to come will remind you of what the occasion meant to you, your friends and your family. And that’s priceless.

Please see our website for the Wedding packages and pricing.

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