Five photography trends for a modern wedding

21 Mar 2022

Put a modern spin on your wedding photography with these current trends 

Image gallery

Image gallery

While photography trends come and go, some also stay and are adapted and evolved in line with demand. Your wedding photos are the hard copy memories that live on for generations, so carefully consider the style of wedding photography you want for your wedding.

When you have chosen your wedding photographer, it is also worth drawing up a list of specific shots that you would like them to capture for you. After all, one of a couple's biggest investments for their wedding is the photography and you'll want to make the most of having a professional on hand who can preserve the memories of your day in the most beautiful and emotive ways. 

Here, we profile five photography trends that have evolved from traditional wedding shots, proving that photography trends don't have to be overly artistic or unconventional. Instead, they can be as fun, candid or creative as you want them to be. 

The first touch

Recent research has revealed that 12% of 2021 wedding couples adopted the new American tradition of the ‘first look’ – made popular on TikTok, where the couple break tradition and get a glimpse of each other before the wedding ceremony. While the idea is yet to take hold as a trend, perhaps due to the superstition that it is considered unlucky to see one another before the wedding, the 'first touch' shot is a movement in a similar direction. 

Sadie Windscheffel-Clarke of Big Fish Photography captured these shots of Eleanor and Daniel at Houchins in Essex. She says: "This image happened moments before the bride and groom were about to say 'I do'. It was a really lovely moment and you could feel the excitement and nerves through the door.

"It was simple to arrange; I made sure that the bride and groom were hidden behind the door and then simply got them both to engage in a supportive hand-hold. A little tip would be to make sure there isn't a mirror or very shiny picture on the opposite wall, as the couple will see their reflection and spoil the moment."




Above: Big Fish Photography

The bouquet grab

A reinvention of the bouquet toss, where the photographer stands infront of the bride, the bouquet grab puts the lens in the thick of the action. The photographer stands behind the bride as she throws the bouquet or to the side of the guests waiting to receive it. Capturing a moment of movement and energy, the subjects are put centre stage with outstretched arms and enthusiastic facial expressions, which can make for hilarious results.  


Above: Getty Images

The reinvented group shot

While the posed line-up for the traditional group shot will always be a firm fixture at weddings, couples and their photographers are considering more creative ways to capture members of the wedding party together. Aerial photography, achieved with drones, is a great way of getting a shot of all your guests (and your venue, too) in the most interesting of arrangements. 

Matt and John Pitcher of Awaken Images in Suffolk comment: "The important thing about the group shot is it serves a memory for the couple of all those people who were at their special day. As time goes on and people lose touch or move on it’s great to look back and see who was there.

"As a photographer, when you shoot on the level, there is always someone who 'hides at the back'. The great thing about an elevated shot or using our drone is there is no hiding place and everyone’s face can be seen. It also gives a different perspective of the venue, which not many people see. In the majority of cases we like to use our signature heart shape to give the picture some structure. Organisation is the key to getting this shot correct.

"We will always try to get a group shot so we can see everyone. When we can’t use the drone, we use steps, shoot from an upstairs window or even stand on a chair, all ways which can be used to enhance the group shot."


Above: Awaken Images

The cake smash

Depending on how clean the couple want to keep it, instead of a staged shot of you and your husband or wife cutting the cake, the cake smash captures the moments after. Traditionally, couples were expected to feed each other cake after they cut it, but now the concept has been taken to another level, with brides and grooms engaging in a cake fight instead.


Above: Getty Images

The motion shot

Instead of standing still for your photos or having details such as the bouquet, shoes or other accessories shot as a stationary subject, consider movement.

Somerset wedding photographer Patrick Newnham of Wildly In Love Photography says: "We live in a world that is constantly striving for perfection and technology in photography is constantly improving, in turn allowing for increasingly sharp and 'perfect' images. Blurred photos can typically be rejected as an error on the photographer’s part, yet, an 'imperfect' image can evoke emotion and intrigue in the viewer in a way that a crisp and perfectly sharp image often cannot.

"Movement in imagery has been used for well over a hundred years; take Vincent van Gogh's work as an example. I love to draw inspiration from these great artists and incorporate their ideas into my work, so my clients not only have photos that document their day, but also pieces of art."



Above: Wildly In Love 

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