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Photography tips from Jamie David

04 Jan 2014

Photography tips from Jamie David

Suffolk photographer Jamie David reveals his advice for getting the most out of your wedding photography and shows off some of his work.

1 Decide how important the photography is to you. Do you want high quality, creative photography, fly-on-the-wall, candid pictures, or a thousand happy smiling faces, or a combination of them all?

Is your budget zero, £500 or £3,000? There is someone out there that will do it for you. Like a jigsaw you have to get all the information and put it together to get the product you want.


2 A wedding is not a practice - it is real, serious photography. The images you get will only be as good as the photographer you book. A good photographer will see how light affects colour, tone, texture, contrast and shape. They see what is possible in the image, use the the lens to create it and the camera to record it. A well-lit bride will look fabulous is they use a mobile phone, a poorly-lit bride will not, even if the kit is worth thousands of pounds.


3 You are also buying the person. How important is it you get along with them? Are you happy with a forceful personality or do you get along better with someone more laid back?


4 Ask friends and other suppliers for recommendations. It is a good idea to choose three photographers whose style you like and visit them. Look at their complete albums not just display albums, and ask about their experience, how they cover the wedding, what they do if it’s wet or dark. And do they have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance? How long and how flexible is their coverage?


5 Look at the albums. Are you after something hand-designed and unique to you or manufactured and template driven? If you only want a DVD, will there be equipment to play it on in 20 years time? Will a DVD become a family heirloom like the album that has stood the test of time?


Jamie’s images in focus


Orwell Bridge: The image shows a locality feature- Orwell Bridge. The image is moody as well as happy and the couple isn’t looking at the camera so we ask questions of the image. There is a connection between them.


Dining out: I love this image - it’s so quintessentially English and is made by the waiter striding out.


Dressing up: Capturing a good image of the dress is so important as so often the bride has spent a lot of money on it. She also wants to look the best ever on her special day. Here the use of light enables the beautiful figure of the bride to be enhanced further. It is so easy to get it wrong.


Fancy feet: This free-flowing image shows a happy and relaxed bride, her dress and shoes. Note the elegant feet.


Good time gals: The bride’s just gotta have fun! The expressions say it all.


Life and light: Great expressions don’t always just happen. It’s our job to make them happen. Here the lighting and location have been set-up so the image has life to it.


Tender times: A tender moment that when shown in black and white makes the viewer ask questions about what they are thinking.


Movie stars: We have to produce goods whatever the weather. This day it poured down. Using unique venue features we produced movie-style images. There is lovely eye connection between the couple. It has to be ‘real’ or the image loses impact. The bride reminded me of a 50s movie star.


Going in close: Detail pictures can be interesting if shot using light well and not having everything in focus - being creative with the tools at hand.


Sparkles: A detail image showing the ring and necklace along with the bride’s light sculptured body. I like the different dimensions here.


Dad dearest: A ‘wow’ image! What a way to show of the dress from behind along with that tender moment with dad leading his daughter to the ceremony?


Makeover: This was the first time the bride saw herself after hair, make-up tiara and veil put on. A magical expression.


Whoops: Sometimes a true candid image stands out for the families. Here the vicar mentioned they were at a funeral rather than a wedding! Priceless expressions and good use of minimal focus to highlight the important faces.


Rest time: This candid was caught at the end of the day as the bride’s father took a break. The notice on the wall adds to the comedy moment. A shot that draws many laughs.


Little treasures: This image is all about the little bridesmaid with her back to us. What is she saying to the pageboy? The way the other bridesmaids at the back are looking away enhances the focus on the pageboys.


By the lake: Taken at Thorpeness Meare. The couple had hoped to go down to the beach but the weather closed in fast and we decided to opt for the Meare. Using light to bring the couple out of the gloom had given a lovely mood to the image. Their silver and grey wedding outfits suited the shot.


My little boy: A candid that says everything - mother and son on his special day. Being aware of relationships, moments like this are possible to anticipate. Being aware of relationships, moments like this are possible to anticipate. Throwing the background out focus highlights the subjects.


Congratulations: The ever-popular confetti shot - action, colour and emotion.



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