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Pets at weddings: Say 'I do'

17 Dec 2020

Our bride-to-be blogger Ashleigh Tuttle has added to the family so, this month looks at how to incorporate your beloved pet into your day 

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I’ve finally just managed to sit down and write at my laptop. As if planning a wedding and buying a house in a global pandemic wasn’t enough, John and I have decided to add the final nail to the 2020 coffin and adopt a puppy. 

It’s almost as if I said, hmm, how can we make this year harder? And there she was. Little Stitch the French Bulldog. She’s a gorgeous, adorable little thing, but I think I definitely underestimated the amount of work a puppy takes. She is on all the time, which means we have to be too. Thankfully she’s now sleeping through the night, so those bags under my eyes are now due to 6am wake ups as opposed to 3am, 4am and 5am.  


That’s when my maid of honour Rebekah, her boyfriend Shane and one of our groomsmen Tom all asked the same question. 

How are you going to incorporate her into the wedding? 

Now John is already pretty anti this idea, but obviously the more I think about it the more I like it. We could have her teetering down the aisle with the ring box around her neck. Or she could be dressed as a flower girl, or maybe we go full Friends theme and get one of the groomsmen to carry her down the aisle. The choices are endless. 


Pets are such an important part of our lives, and therefore I think it’s vital we make them a part of our day. If my cat Mowgli wasn’t so sulky, I’d be brainstorming ways to include her too, but I already know she’d have absolutely none of it. Stitch on the other hand… 

I’ve seen lots of fabulous ideas on Pinterest of people including their dogs in weddings, and I think it is slowly becoming more of the norm thing to naturally include your pet in the ceremony. The only thing I am struggling with is logistically how would it work? Would we drag a dog sitter with us on the day too to take her home afterwards? What if she wees on my dress? And what if she barks continuously throughout the ceremony? 

I think if you can hit these logistical challenges head on then why shouldn’t you include your pet pooch in your day? I’m definitely going to look more into it, and try as hard as I can to convince John. Though I think convincing him will be the bigger challenge than tempting Stitch to canter down the aisle! 


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