Advice for personalising your wedding

26 Jan 2015

Advice for personalising your wedding

WeddingsiteUK have collaborated with Boho Weddings to bring you the top tips to making sure your big day is personal to you, from those who have already been there.

1. Try and create personal touches that reflect both yourself and your fiancée as a couple and create a vision of what you want rather than a theme, it doesn’t always have to match to look like a wedding.

2. You as the bride & groom should make the decisions and nobody else’s opinion matters, unless you asked for.

3. Stick with your instincts and make the day how you want it. It’s so easy to get drawn in to doing things because it’s the norm and trying to please everyone.

4. Make sure that you have the day that you want, not the day that people tell you you should have because that’s how its normally done. We were so happy that we were able to do everything that we wanted

5. Don’t lose sight of what it’s about when planning it – it should be about the two of you celebrating being together – everything else is just detail.

6. Lots of people like to give their opinions when it comes to weddings… listen to them and take it on board the good advice but stick to your guns if you feel strongly about something. It’s your day and ultimately about you marrying the person you love.

7. The personal touches make the day feel so much more special.

8. Make sure it is what you want. You may have to compromise on certain aspects, but if you really think about it, it becomes apparent what really is important to you

9. Don’t be afraid to do something different, and choose things that are personal to you and that you’re excited by


Tips by Rachel and Andrew, married May 2014.


Article courtesy of Boho Weddings!

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CharlieBook 27 January 2015
This is really useful advice and easy to attain, if you are paying for it yourselves. It's harder when you have parents contributing a lot of money to the wedding and they have their ideas on how the day should be/go!


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