Origami triangular basket step by step

10 Jun 2016

Crafty brides will delight in the DIY opportunity with this origami triangular basket by Esther Thorpe of Origami-est

Origami is the perfect way to add a touch of something unique to your wedding. Whether it's a slightly more complex flowerball or an elegant diamond, every origami shape is sure to bring your wedding’s colour palette alive.

Once you start folding, you’ll most likely become addicted, but you can never over-do origami; in fact, the more the better for your wedding day. All you need is paper and time. If you’re able to, gather friends together to fold with you; you’ll be amazed at origami’s therapeutic qualities.

Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly favour idea or DIY decor, these easy yet effective origami triangluar baskets taken from Paper Home by Esther Thorpe, are a delightful wedding day addition.

You will need:

15 x 15cm / 6 x 6in paper (120gsm) / 3 squares

Quick-drying glue

Finished size:

4cm (11⁄2in) high x 12cm (43⁄4in) wide

Step by step:

1. Take one paper square, white side face up, and fold it in half diagonally.


2. Fold the bottom right-hand corner to the top corner.


3. Fold the bottom left-hand corner to the top corner.


4. Unfold the left and right-hand folds. Fold the top corner of the triangle down to align with the precreases made in steps 2 and 3.



5. Repeat steps 1–4 on the remaining paper squares to give you three modules.


6. Take two of your modules and carefully slot one into the other, sandwiching it in between the layers.


7. Ensure the triangles are lined up and refold the precreases to help the join to hold.


8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to join the third module (note: the middle module is sandwiched in between the layers of the module at either end).



9. Now bring the ends together and slot them into each other as in steps 6 and 7. Add a drop of quick-drying glue between each base layer to make the basket more sturdy.




Extracted from Paper Home by Esther Thorpe, published by Pavilion.

Main project photography: Kristy Noble


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