Nine Top Tips for Every Stage of Wedding Planning

15 Oct 2015

Where do you start when it comes to planning a wedding? The dress? The venue? The decor? It can be overwhelming. Paula Cohen, co- founder of Canvas Factory, has the answers with these top tips for mapping out a dream wedding

It all begins with deciding which elements are important to you. There will definitely be things you will 100 per cent not compromise on (the dress springs to mind) but for everything else, there is always a way to cut back. Invest in a wedding budget checklist so you can keep check of all the costs. Want an easy way to save? Opt for digital invitations. Employ a graphic designer to create a digital design that you can print at home.



There is no denying that choosing the right venue is one of the biggest things to tick off your planning checklist. A good place to start is online, where you can look at photos of local wedding venues and get a feel for what is in your area. As you research, keep your vision for your wedding in mind. Begin by putting together a venue spreadsheet to keep track of all research and dont forget all of the important stuff such as location, capacity, availability, layout, rates, restrictions and parking.


Struggling with the crunch? Start by dividing your guests into groups (immediate family, closest relatives, extended relatives, family friends etc). Once you've both got your lists, see if the list can be trimmed down. Keep going until exceptions start to pop up, then evaluate each guest individually.


Cant decide on a colour scheme? Let the time of year inspire you. If you're getting married in autumn, look to the leaves for colour inspiration and incorporate shades of yellow and orange. Rosy pink is perfect for spring, while a brighter coral is a summer staple.


Maximise a flower budget just by choosing in-season blooms. With so many different uses for flowers in a wedding, it seems crazy not to! Bonus tip? Re-purpose the bridal bouquets. At the reception bridesmaids wont need their bouquets, so why not use them as decoration for the cake table or put them in vases for centre-pieces?


High-end prices don't always guarantee the highest quality so try not to shop on price. Its easy to look at the pound signs first but its so important to find a photographer that has pictures in their portfolio that capture the way you want your wedding to look. Start by researching photographers that fit your style, then narrow down to what fits your budget.


Imagine the cake of your dreams but at a fraction of the cost. Not everyone needs a five-tier cake with 400 portions. It might look impressive but unfortunately the cost is massive. So why not invest in some dummy cakes? These polystyrene tiers can be made to look exactly like the rest of the cake so no-one will ever know that your cake is fake.


Try on as many dresses as you can. Almost every dress can look gorgeous (or terrible) on a hanger and can take on a completely different shape and look once it
s on. You should always test how comfortable you feel in it too, so sit down, dance, walk up and down and do a little jig. You dont want to spend your day battling the gown. Once youve found a dress that you dont want to take off, thats an indicator that your search may very well be over.


Unless all of your bridesmaids look like Taylor Swift, youll need to choose a style that suits all of their body shapes. Remember one size doesnt fit all. Make subtle adjustments to the dresses so that all of your bridesmaids feel comfortable. If one of your bridesmaids has a bigger bust, add a wider strap. 

Try out the interactive flower guide below from, for more wedding planning advice, tools and downloadable checklists, check out their ‘ultimate guide to planning your dream wedding’.


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