New Year's resolutions every bride-to-be should make

03 Jan 2020

Ten ways to ensure the best year of wedmin yet in the lead up to your wedding 

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While New Year's resolutions are usually made to change your day-to-day lifestyle for the better, they can also be used to improve your approach to wedding planning. 

How you choose to plan your wedding is usually determined by the type of person you are; while perfectionist brides can drive their partner to distraction by overdoing it, laid back brides can make extra work for themselves by not doing enough. It's all about striking a balance by ensuring that wedding planning doesn't rule your life but also doesn't take a back seat. 

With a new year comes the perfect chance to start afresh. Reflect on your wedding planning technique and revise it - if only slightly - to optimise results, in turn improving your overall attitude and general wellbeing. 

Take a look at these 10 New Year's resolutions that every bride-to-be should make, or at the very least consider, to ensure efficiency, enthusiasm and enjoyment at every stage. 

1. Allocate wedmin days and non-wedmin days 

Wedmin has the potential to take over your life and for that reason, depending on your personality, you can allow it to dominate your daily life or you can put it on the back burner. However, by allocating wedmin days during your week you can better schedule time around your personal and professional life.

Equally, non-wedmin days should also be factored in to your week as time spent with your partner not talking about wedding related topics can give you some welcome relief. Consider weekly date nights to fully relax and keep the flame burning.


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2. Learn the art of compromise 

Planning a wedding is a joint effort and it's as much about your partner's wants and needs as it is your own. Involve your partner in all wedding decisions and if you disagree, remain composed and calmly discuss all sides of the argument before reaching a joint conclusion.

3. Delegate more 

Your friends and family will most likely be willing to lend a helping hand at all stages of the process, so take them up on their offers whenever and wherever possible.

The bride and groom should always do the majority of the planning - it is your day, after all. However, it is perfectly fine to delegate tasks to those you can trust. Brief them accordingly and set a deadline if one needs to be made so you can all keep on track with your to-do timeline.


Image: Melissa Askew via Unsplash

4. Have faith

In the same vein, learn to trust your friends, family and wedding suppliers. They all have your best interests at heart and want your big day to be a success, so learn to let go and rely on them to deliver the results... even if you are a self confessed control freak. 

Lauren Johnson of Next Level Music, who married fellow musician Tim Reynolds in London in December 2019, said: "I had such a hard time allowing Tim or family members to take over wedding planning jobs as I wanted everything to be perfect (which there is no such thing). In the end I had to delegate as my poor little brain just couldn’t keep up anymore. It was much easier once I had shared the load." 

5. Listen to others

Other people's opinions matter and while some friends and family members will be more eager to voice them, quieter characters may be less keen to rock the boat. Invite opinion and consider everyone's input in turn, staying strong on the decision you make.

If you have to explain the reasons for your choices, deliver your explanation with confidence. After all, it's your wedding day and your nearest and dearest should respect your decisions.


Image: Taylor Hernandez via Unsplash

6. Say thank you more

Restrain your inner bridezilla and be sure to say thank you often. With the busyness of wedding planning comes stress and a short temper, usually taken out on those closest to you.

Remind yourself to remain polite and say thank you whenever you should. From friends and family who contribute financially to your wedding day to those who help out with your latest and greatest DIY attempt, show your appreciation for every good deed done.

7. Better your budgeting 

If you're prone to over-spending, rethink your budgeting strategy and take control of your finances. Credit cards and loans should only be used if you have a plan in place as to how and when you will pay them back. Starting your married life shrouded in debt doesn't connote wedded bliss, so always consider the repercussions of lending money that's not in your bank account.

Set up a savings account well in advance of your big day and put money aside every month to use towards your wedding when needed.

Shawbrook Bank recently revealed that two-thirds of married couples underestimated the cost of tying the knot, with many borrowing funds to meet the shortfall.

Paul Went, managing director, consumer at Shawbrook Bank, says: “When planning for your big day it’s important to set a clear, realistic budget, preparing for those unexpected costs you could experience further down the line. 

"When considering how to finance your wedding, it’s important to make sure it doesn’t put you or your family under unnecessary financial pressure. Understanding your available budget and your options for finance will help you make an informed decision. If you need to borrow additional funds, think carefully about what your limits are and research your available options to help you to make the best decision for you."


Image: Colin Watts via Unsplash

8. Stop striving for perfection 

Many wedding suppliers will tell you that there is no such thing as a 'perfect wedding'. You may have an idea of perfection, but it may be unobtainable due to budget, timings or supplier restrictions. The key is to maintain a realistic outlook at all times and manage your expectations by speaking to the experts from the outset about what is and isn't possible.

9. Worry less

Once you've established what is a realistic goal, you may begin to worry less about things that are out of your control.

The weather is one such aspect that you can't predict, but you can make the best of a bad situation (should it arise) by planning ahead; for example, umbrellas for guests and a plan B for outdoor photographs can help you feel as in control as possible.

While rare, no-show suppliers or a sub-standard service can also induce anxiety, so consider wedding insurance once you start planning your special day so that all eventualities are covered and rest assured that you and your wedding is protected. Take a look at these common bridal anxieties and how to beat them.


Image: Savs via Unsplash

10. Enjoy it 

Finally, do your best to enjoy the wedding planning process. Wedmin should never be considered a chore; your wedding should be one of, if not the, best days of your life and you should love the lead up almost as much as the day itself.

When the going gets tough, remind yourself what your wedding day is all about - you and your partner committing yourselves to one another for the rest of your lives, which should spur you to make the most of every moment. 

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