My Million To One

29 Jan 2014

My Million To One

Michelin Star wedding cake designers, unique wedding venues, artists and magicians collaborate to bring a unique social enterprise to life

A young British woman has founded a revolutionary social enterprise in an effort to raise £1 million by November 2014. This ground breaking project founded by Alana Hurd, will fund a home for abandoned disabled children in Southern Africa and has enlisted the support of nationwide wedding venues, entertainers, travel companies & even a Michelin Starred pastry chef.

The companies/artists are offering unique offers, discounts and free prizes on the My Million To One website, to anyone who has become a member for £1 only, but only for the next year.

There are some spectacular opportunities available to make your big day unbelievably special, with award winning chefs like Craig Gallimore donating a luxury wedding cake as a prize, to Graffiti Life, Puzzle Print & Go Weekend offering highly creative discounted options from extraordinary proposal ideas to bespoke stag and hen weekends. From getting married in Italy to honeymooning in a Romany Caravan, it’s all made more affordable for you as part of this unique, one off campaign.

Alana was asked to establish the home while volunteering in the area. Recognising that it would be a huge task to set up a new local charity, she approached two small, local charities, which agreed to adopt the children and give them a home provided she met two criteria for the arrangement to continue.

The first criteria was to find money every year to pay for the children’s home, plus all their needs, education and rehabilitation costs and, second, to guarantee that the money would be provided for their lifetimes.

To do this, she has created a new social enterprise, My Million To One, which aims to meet both requirements by making £1 million by 22nd November 2014. Alana explains: “When one million people pay £1 just once, the interest alone will build and fund the children’s home in Africa and will never require further investment. It also means that MMTO could help realise a million dreams, big and small, for people across the UK - It’s a very simple concept.

“If you are interested, you visit the My Million To One website and pay £1, just once and never again. This gives you membership to the website, on which are free, exclusive events and opportunities to help you in your career/ambitions (from adventurers, Olympic athletes, A-list actors and many others) plus hundreds of exclusive offers/discounts and some life changing raffle prizes for people to fulfil anything on their Bucket List.

“Not only are people being asked for £1 once (and never again) to run a home forever but they are being given the chance to treat themselves and indulge in their own dreams and ambitions in order to bring the dream of a home alive for eight kids on the other side of the world.

“For weddings especially there’s a beautiful symbolism - the idea that someone’s big day has been made more affordable & special while giving kids a home for life, just as the couple are starting their new lives together.”

Craig Gallimore, award winning pastry chef and donator of the luxury wedding cake prize says of My Million To One: “I thought it was a fantastic idea the first time Alana told me about it. The idea that everyone wins is just wonderful.”

To find out more about My Million To One visit

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