Second time's a charm: the musings of a second time bride - Part five

11 Jan 2018

It's all about the groom in the latest blog instalment from second time bride, Karen Turner 

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Happy New Year to you all. How can it be January 2018 already? I have had a bit of a wake up call as I have realised just how quickly the days are flying by and I can now say that I am getting married this year! So as memories of Christmas fade into the distance thoughts are turning again to wedding planning. My dress and the bridesmaids are sorted, so what is next on the long list of tasks to do?  Cue Mark stepping into the limelight.

The first time Mark got married he was serving in the Royal Navy and wore his uniform. The second time he wore a lounge suit. So what to do this time around? We are running out of choices. Regular readers will know by now that we have a relaxed and informal approach to our wedding and Mark and his outfit are no different. Don’t let the pictures on this blog fool you.There will be no kilts, morning suits or outrageous fancy dress outfits; the dress code on the day will be informal with open necked shirts and jeans with a jacket. This goes for the guests too, although my dad is struggling with the casual approach.



Our choice for the men has been a bit of a surprise for some; it doesn’t mean that we are taking our wedding or vows any less seriously, just that we have reached an age where we are not afraid to make choices that some may find surprising. And just like when I chose my wedding dress, there is a vast choice out there for the men too. Mark loves clothes; he has slightly quirky taste in shirts, and he only does 'extreme' shopping. He will never browse the shops, choosing instead to go into one shop and buy everything he needs before heading for a latte and a Danish. My shopping habits are the opposite of his, so I hope that when he goes shopping the men are prepared for a whirlwind trip.

In a month where I had a call to say that the bridesmaids' dresses had arrived (excited phone call), that my dress had arrived (even more excited phone call) and we had found and bought our wedding rings, Christmas arrived and put a stop to wedding planning. It feels like the pressure is now on to do it all. There are invitations to send out, flowers to order, cake to taste and make-up and hair trials to look forward to.




Everything is coming together slowly and we are told that the new season jackets Mark is looking for will be available from the end of January, so he is planning a shopping trip for the end of the month.  His choice of footwear will be determined by his method of arrival at the wedding venue and his shoe wardrobe is as vast as his shirt wardrobe. But, in the same way my dress is under wraps, the final choice will remain a surprise until the big day.    

Until next time...

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