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Second time's a charm: the musings of a second time bride - Part four

08 Dec 2017

Attentions turn to dressing the bridesmaids in second time bride Karen Turner's latest blog instalment

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Once all the excitement of getting engaged had calmed down my thoughts turned to those all-important leading ladies.  Who would be there to support me, keep me calm, guide me through the bridezilla moments and generally cause mayhem in the lead up to the big day? 

I didn’t have to think too hard about this; cue the leading ladies of choice.... Teresa, my big sister who has been there for me since the day I was born; Sarah, my best friend of several years who has been there to mop up tears of joy and sadness; and Abi, my sassy soon-to-be step-daughter.  Three very different ladies who absolutely had to be part of our wedding.

musings-of-a-second-time-bride-the-bridesmaids-3But how do you dress three very different ladies?  I had some strong ideas about their dresses from day one.  I thought I’d like them all to be in the same dress but as soon as we hit the shops it was obvious that this was not an option.  One is the queen of bling, one very minimalist and the other would go with whatever I wanted.  I am not letting on who is who though.

We had a couple of failed shopping expeditions and I was beginning to feel rather disappointed and then I hit on the idea of visiting one of the Bride: The Wedding Awards award winners - Fairytale Gowns in Norwich.  What a breath of fresh air.  From the minute I talked to Louise on the phone I hoped that we would find dresses in her shop.  I let my leading ladies look around and choose their favourites and to my amusement, there was no emerging theme.  This was a very different experience to my previous wedding when I hired the dresses; there was limited choice and as three of the four bridesmaids were tiny they just wore what they were told.


But slowly some ideas took shape.  Abi tried on a dress that was just perfect for her.  She looked beautiful and didn’t want to take the dress off.  Sarah has recently lost loads of weight but has continued to wear some of her 'larger' clothes.  Her face when she tried on a dress and realised how fantastic she looked will stay with me forever.  And as for Teresa, we decided on a completely different dress to the others.  Perfect. 

However, my excitement was short-lived when owner, Louise Dace, broke the news that the fabric I had chosen for Teresa had been discontinued.  Cue more tears.  I was less keen on the new fabric sample but after much persuasion I decided to go for it.  I am so pleased I did as when I had the call to say the dress had arrived and Teresa and I headed over to look at it, I was delighted.  It is much more vibrant than I had expected and has a tiny bit of lavender in it; my mother’s favourite colour.  Perhaps this was her way of contributing to our wedding plans.

So we have dressed the leading ladies and I have just had a call to say that my dress has arrived.  There is still so much to do to be ready for May, but now that all the ladies are dressed we can concentrate on advising the groom about his outfit. To be continued...

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