Message in a Bottle Lands Couple an Anniversary in Isles of Scilly

20 Aug 2015

A chance finding has resulted in an unexpected result for one couple, who'd sent the bottle into the sea in the Bahamas, as they're invited to celebrate their third wedding anniversary in at Karma Resorts in Scilly, where their bottle was found.

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Image gallery

The hotel manager at the new Karma Resorts, Francesca McCarthy, was holding a photoshoot with local photographer Chris Hall for the new hotel interiors when they stumbled across a wine bottle on the beach.


"Chris Hall a local photographer was here to photograph the new restaurant and rooms after the refurbishment and whilst walking to the quay after the shoot we noticed what we thought was litter on the beach,” says Francesca. “When we went to pick it up we discovered the wine bottle had a message inside. We excitingly opened the bottle with a cork screw and took the yellow scroll out.

“As we unravelled at we had no clue what the message was going to be but we both were grinning from ear to ear reading this message dated over a year ago from a couple who had spent their second honeymoon in the Bahamas. I can’t speak for Chris but I certainly got goosebumps as I read the note. It’s crazy to think that the bottle with message was preserved so well after its long journey over the Atlantic.” 

It was written and sent to sea by a couple called Mr and Mrs Tallman, on their second honeymoon in the Bahamas in May 2014. The Carolina couple go to the Bahamas each year on their yacht. Over the years they have put four bottles overboard and Karma are the first to find one. 

“Chris spoke to the Mr. Tallman first and then I followed up with a call offering them a third honeymoon here at Karma St. Martin’s in the newly refurbished honeymoon suite. They were delighted as Mr. Tallman and his brother had grown up in France but their family had never been to Europe before. They were already discussing to make the trip for next year so they think they will tie in the holiday with a trip to Scilly.” 
It’s an uncanny tie-in for St Martins as they leave messages in a bottles in the rooms for guests upon check-in and have land in the Bahamas that the Karma Royal Group are going to develop - amazing coincidences.


“This is the second big romantic story that we have had here at the hotel since we opened this May. I’m hoping there will be many more as we are the only off-island that is a licensed wedding venue. Maybe Mr and Mrs Tallman will want to renew their vows here? We will keep you posted."

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