Meadow Flowers, Navy & Peach Wedding in Sussex: Victoria Harland & Jake Parker

12 Aug 2015

With its clean fresh looks, meadow sweet blooms and peach details, this West Sussex spring wedding at Selden Barn in Patching was the perfect reflection of the couple at its centre

Photography by Samantha Pells Photography

On 7 March 2015, Victoria and Jake were to take their vows. Here, they tell Bride about their spring wedding with handmade details at every turn.


How did you two meet?
We met each other whilst working at a pet shop together. We were both saving to go travelling and ended up going together. 

You got engaged on 14 February (romantic before you start) but how did Jake actually pop the question?
I was heavily pregnant with our second daughter so was already quite emotional. I didn't receive a card until the evening and when I did it was a win and loveless one so I wasn't impressed! Whilst I was getting our eldest daughter to bed, Jake ran me a bath with candles and rose petals. He then filled the stairs with all of my favourite sweets and chocolates. Downstairs was also decorated with flowers, candles and rose petals. He then cooked me dinner and once we had finished eating he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. 


Did you have a theme for the day?
We didn't really have a theme other than slightly rustic, simple and relaxed. Our colour scheme was navy and peach. 



Did you carry it through to your flower arrangements?
We found a lovely little company that sold flowers by the bucket, all grown locally by themselves. It enabled us to have control to do them ourselves and set them up exactly how we wanted. It was also lovely being able to pick every flower that went into my bouquet. We didn't carry our colour theme through to the flowers and instead went for a rustic meadow look. 



When did you know you’d found ‘the dress’?
I had visited two different shops and hadn't felt like I really liked or suited anything. I was getting worried that I was going to be a bride that was never able to fall in love with a dress. I made an appointment with another shop and went with just my mum and my daughters. I knew straight away when I tried the second dress on that it was the one. I felt comfortable and confident and didn't want to take it off. 



The detail of the day is apparent in your photographs – tell us a bit about that.
We really wanted our day to be personal and decided to do as much of it ourselves as we could. Victoria designed the wedding invitations, order of service, and menus herself. Her mum helped make the name places, cupcakes and sweet table sweets. Our wedding cake was also made by Victoria's mum. The table names were hand painted by Victoria's brother’s partner. And with help from an aunt, all the bouquets and button holes were home made too. Our pastor was also a family friend. It was one big team effort and it definitely made our day more personal and unique to us. 




How did you feel on the morning of the wedding?
All morning I was definitely the most calm and I was absolutely fine until I reached the door of the ceremony room. It was when I realised that the room was full of people that the emotions hit me. I thought I'd be really nervous walking in front of everyone but (as cliched as it sounds), once I saw Jake I didn't notice anyone else around me. 



What was your most memorable moment?
For Jake it was me and our daughters walking down the aisle - that and forgetting half his speech. For me it was first seeing Jake’s face, and our youngest daughter Flo laughing throughout the ceremony whilst the pastor spoke. It made everyone else laugh too, which was lovely.


What was the most important investment for you?
The most important investment was my dress, as you only get to wear it once and it definitely had to be just right. It's something that can be kept forever as well. The flowers were very important to us as well as they bought everything together. 


What did you choose for your first dance?
For our first dance we chose 'Dream a little Dream' by Robbie Williams and Lily Allen. We listen to a lot of music whilst at home and so this was a song that is on frequently. I wanted something classic, whereas Jake wanted something more modern, so it was a perfect compromise. 



What was the brief behind your wedding cake?
I've always loved simplicity and that's exactly how I wanted our cake to be: simple and elegant. Luckily, Victoria's mum has made a few cakes before and is an excellent baker so she made it for us. It turned out perfect and better than her mum expected. It also saved us a lot of money! 


If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?
The only thing we would change is remembering to thank everyone during the speeches!

And the honeymoon?
As we have two young children we haven't been on honeymoon yet. We will hopefully go next year but we are both like unusual place so haven't decided where yet…

What’s your advice for those in wedding planning mayhem?
Relax and enjoy the day. It literally whizzes by in a blur. Also, make sure it's exactly what you both want as it is all about you as a couple. Doing things ourselves saved us a lot of money, too. 


Steal their Style:


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