Managing your health and business without a hitch

26 Jul 2019

How to successfully manage your business and team without impacting your health and wellbeing

Image: Koko Curio via Unsplash

From dresses to flowers and catering to photography, you go out of your way to make sure your clients have the best wedding day possible. And as one of the most special days in a person’s life - it’s no surprise that you want to get everything just right for them.

But are you putting too much pressure on yourself and your team to guarantee the perfect day?

Fatmata Kamara, specialist mental health nurse advisor for Bupa UK, provides her top tips to avoiding team burnout while still making sure everything runs smoothly on the big day.

There’s only one ‘you’

Cramming more work into your day may seem like the obvious solution to meeting all the tasks within your diary, but avoiding downtime can leave you vulnerable to stress - possibly leading to physical illnesses and cause your business to suffer. It may feel difficult especially when wedding countdowns are ticking and you’re worried about burdening an already compact team. However, if you do find yourself feeling unwell, failing to take the time off that you need can make you feel worse in the future.

What’s more, working longer hours - whether you’re well or unwell - can make other staff members feel they’re also expected to do the same, even if this isn’t a message you’re intending to convey. This can risk further team-wide burnout-related health issues. Try switching off your work phone when the working day’s done and encourage your team to do the same.

Plan your way to success

Do you find there’s regular pressure to work beyond contracted hours to keep on top of client demands? If so, it may be worth reevaluating workloads to establish what’s achievable with your current set-up. Along with being stressful, working in excess is often associated with reduced performance and leaving you more prone to becoming unwell.

You can help to keep your team healthy, motivated and successful by creating a culture where staff can comfortably talk about their workload and how they’re doing before the point of feeling overwhelmed. Try to implement a Wellness Action Plan; this can help by encouraging you and your team to have mental health self-awareness and promoting the ability to spot the signs of burnout in fellow employees.

The balancing act

A good work-life balance goes hand in hand with long-term business success. Spending time outside of your wedding-based world is linked to maintaining healthy blood pressure, avoiding depression and reducing the likelihood of alcohol consumption. Did you know that encouraging everyone to make the most of their time both in and out of work can help to reduce staff turnover, too?

But what if I get ill?

57% of employees admitted that they would stay longer in their job if their manager put more effort into taking care of their wellbeing. As much as you can help to protect your team and business from ill health, sometimes life can throw things that are difficult to avoid.

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a great way to provide 24/7 impartial expert support for your staff on any matters that are concerning them or their family. Additionally, business health insurance gives you peace of mind about physical and mental wellbeing of the people who help to drive your business’s success.

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